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Best of 2020


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Durham County Council, UK saves $310k annually moving services online

In Durham County, a previous initiative to move away from paper-based, in-person services had taken more than a year to implement. The result was a single new digital process. Staff turned to Granicus govService to make digital transformation happen for more than 90 services, quickly. The branded self-service portal offers residents the ability to access services themselves instead of relying on the telephone or in-person interactions, freeing up those call centers to focus on special cases.

Best of 2020+4



Durham County Council, GB

United Kingdom

Collective urban planning in the London Borough of Newham

The London Borough of Newham launched the Queen’s Market Good Growth Programme – a £4.1 million project aimed at including residents in urban planning decisions. Residents, businesses and shoppers have been consulted on four urban planning projects around Newham’s shared spaces. After consulting residents on their priorities, the Borough used its CitizenLab platform to collect feedback and input on the initial design briefs for the urban planning projects.

Best of 2020+2



London Borough of Newham, GB

United Kingdom

Trenton, NJ Nets $4.15 million on Auctioned Real Estate with GovPilot

In an effort to revitalize the city, promote affordable housing options, and generate revenue, New Jersey’s capital city, Trenton, hosted a live online auction of residential and commercial properties. The auction, hosted in partnership with GovPilot, a government management software provider, saw all 49 listed properties receive winning bids - generating $4.153 million in revenue for the city in one day. This initiative is replicable in municipalities across the U.S. to help generate revenue.

Best of 2020+5



Trenton, NJ

United States

City of London Corporation, GB places city planning into virtual reality with Square Mile VR project

VU.CITY generated a digital twin of the area accurate to within two centimeters of the real-world version. The VR model allows users to explore a three square kilometer area and add, subtract, or adjust existing structures. Immersive planning experiences could give way to virtual tourism in the future. Local officials and New London Architecture host groups of up to six people for Square Mile VR experiences at The City Centre.

Best of 2020+3

City of London Corporation, GB

United Kingdom

Ashburton District Council, NZ launched an Essential Jobs app for temporary COVID-19 employment

Ashburton District Council partnered with the Ashburton Guardian newspaper to launch an Essential Jobs feature on the Ashburton App. The Essential Jobs feature was designed to help jobseekers find employment during the COVID-19 lockdown. Users are provided access to a directory of temporary positions at essential businesses. Participating essential businesses were able to list their vacancies in the app by emailing their available positions to the Ashburton Guardian.

Best of 2020+5

Ashburton District Council, NZ

New Zealand

Bellevue, WA simplifies document migration during its Robotic Process Automation pilot

Bellevue's IT team worked with the Development Services Department to automate plan migration to Bluebeam Studio Cloud. The bot migrated 2,500 plan reviews from on-site servers to Studio Cloud. Robotic Process Automation completed this work 10 times faster than manual migration with a 96% success rate. Department leaders noted that applicants experienced no delays or errors during the pilot due to overnight migration.

Best of 2020+4

Bellevue, WA

United States

South Dublin County Council, IE trains customer care teams to assist residents with JAM Cards

JAM Card uses physical cards and an app to provide non-verbal communication methods for those with communication challenges. County offices and libraries now offer JAM Cards for improved service. Customer Care staffers indicate they are trained to use JAM Card by wearing buttons. The county became the first local government in Ireland to be fully trained in JAM Card use.

Best of 2020+3

South Dublin County Council, IE


Pointe-Claire, QC conducted a 3D georeferenced survey to improve infrastructure planning

The City of Pointe-Claire conducted a 3D georeferenced survey to improve infrastructure planning. The project involved capturing and digitizing 200 kilometers of the local road network in order to establish a foundation of information for land use consultations. The City deployed a self-driving Jakarto vehicle equipped with an HD mapping camera to survey distinctive landmarks at checkpoints throughout the region.

Best of 2020+5

Pointe-Claire, QC


Grande Prairie, AB solicits resident help with 2021 budget challenges through online tools

The Balancing Act tool placed the next budget in resident hands. This portal allowed a user to adjust expenditures and submit their proposed budget to council leaders. A virtual Idea Space placed user-submitted ideas in front of fellow residents to like, share, and provide comments. Grande Prairie published a budget survey on its engagement portal to gauge resident preferences. These engagement channels help councilmembers navigate financial challenges created by COVID-19.

Best of 2020+4

Grande Prairie, AB


Marlborough District Council, NZ launched PONG a new online odour reporting and mapping system

Marlborough District Council launched PONG (Prevailing Odour Not Good) a new online odour reporting system. The system allows residents to submit odour complaints to the Council's Solid Waste department. Users complete a PONG form to provide information on the offensive odour including the strength, location, time, and any distinguishing characteristics. Any odour notifications are tracked with a mapping system and compared with weather conditions to locate the source.

Best of 2020+4

Marlborough District Council, NZ

New Zealand

Natrona County, WY partnered with Civil Space to connect with residents during the COVID-19 pandemic

Natrona County partnered with Civil Space to provide its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) with a suite of powerful, user-friendly tools to connect with residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. The County understood that many residents were unaware of the EOC response team and used Civil Space's unified design, branding, and messaging to foster credibility. Civil Space provided residents a centralized location to access public sessions, updated links, relevant statistics, and trusted news.

Best of 2020+5

Natrona County, WY

United States

San Antonio, TX assembles R&D League of public and private partners to advance city goals

The annual two-day event brings together experts from multiple disciplines to develop public policy solutions. Community members and specialists brainstorm ideas for experiments ranging from intelligent transportation to poverty alleviation. Cross-sector teams use human-centered design and shared vision statements during experiment development. The R&D League also identifies new funding sources for innovative programs that might strain the city's budget.

Best of 2020+3

San Antonio, TX

United States

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