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Outbreak / COVID


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Tacoma, WA improves the health of homeless residents with Hygiene Station Pilot

Public health officials worked with a private lot owner on a one-month station pilot at South 8th and Yakima Street. Two additional locations will be operated by the city for an additional three months. Each station includes portable toilets, dumpsters, and mobile sinks for handwashing. On-site evaluations during daytime hours identify homeless residents in need of additional services. The pilot addresses health threats to the unhoused including the spread of COVID-19.

Outbreak / COVID+3

Tacoma, WA

United States

Münster, NW uses the Luca mobile app to quickly track COVID-19 infection chains

The City of Münster is partnering with the providers of the Luca app to enable a digital solution for COVID-19 contact tracing that can quickly track infection chains. The free Luca mobile app will allow shops, restaurants, cultural events, and private meetings to conduct digital check-ins and check-outs. In the event of a coronavirus infection, the Luca app will guarantee a secure and encrypted reporting chain to the health authorities.

Outbreak / COVID+3

Münster, NW


Manaus, AM tracks municipal employee health during COVID-19 with Info Saúde mobile app

Employees at the Municipal Secretariat for Labor, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Semtepi) tested Info Saúde during a one-month pilot. Info Saúde presents a 15-question assessment designed by medical experts to app users. Semtepi employees received customized recommendations based on their responses while supervisors tracked employee wellbeing through weekly reports. The initial pilot allowed Manaus and the Sidia Institute to refine the app for use by all city employees.

Outbreak / COVID+4

Manaus, AM


Recife, PE boosts small businesses during the pandemic with the Income by App program

City officials randomly drew 500 recipients for Rendo por App - or Income by App - kits. Each kit included a bicycle, a helmet, and a smartphone with a data plan. Recipients including couriers, home-based businesses, and contractors use free equipment to earn income in a struggling economy. The Income by App initiative is part of a citywide poverty reduction program that includes entrepreneurship courses and a reimbursement program for job-related travel.

Outbreak / COVID+3

Recife, PE


Bridgend County Borough Council, GB Outdoor Improvements COVID-19 Recovery Fund for businesses

Bridgend County Borough Council created the "Outdoor Improvements Covid-19 Recovery Fund" to support local businesses during the pandemic. The Council invited business owners with commercial property to apply for grants of up to £10,000 to make outdoor adaptations which enable social distancing. The grant provides up to 80% of the funding necessary for created external areas which allow customers to safely congregate, relax, eat, or drink.

Outbreak / COVID+3

Bridgend County Borough Council, GB

United Kingdom

Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, GB provides ShopAppy online marketplace service during COVID

Kingston Council partnered with the ShopAppy online marketplace to support local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents can use ShopAppy to browse local goods and services, purchase from multiple businesses, and arrange kerbside pickups all with one transaction. The Council funded one-year memberships available to all borough-based businesses.

Outbreak / COVID+3

Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, GB

United Kingdom

Hamilton, ON accelerated its Outdoor Dining District program to help businesses during COVID

The City of Hamilton accelerated its Outdoor Dining District program to provide relief to local restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic. The program allows zoning-compliant businesses to add or expand seasonal patios and outdoor seating areas on municipal or private property. The program will run until October 31, 2021 aligning with all guidelines and restrictions under the Provincial COVID-19 Response Framework.

Outbreak / COVID+4

Hamilton, ON


Basildon Borough Council, GB adopts GetVolunteering app for COVID-19 befriending service

Borough officials worked with Novoville to customize the company's app for the Our Community Befriending Service. Socially isolated residents are automatically connected to volunteers based on requester location, needs, and interests. GetVolunteering logs befriending team activities including social calls, grocery deliveries, and food bank service. The app allows volunteers to alert the borough to residents with worsening health conditions for service referrals.

Outbreak / COVID+3

Basildon Borough Council, GB

United Kingdom

Chelmsford City Council, GB surmounts challenges of COVID-19 shopping with Click It Local platform

Chelmsford's Click It Local page is open to brick-and-mortar shops and local creators with online shops. Residents can shop by business or product types for goods ranging from music albums to flowers. A Click It Local purchase combines goods from multiple shops for same-day delivery. Each purchase requires a single payment and delivery fee, reducing the costs of online shopping. City officials adopted the platform to support local businesses during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Outbreak / COVID+2

Chelmsford City Council, GB

United Kingdom

Falun, SE abolished the fee for outdoor cafés to support local restaurants during the COVID pandemic

The Municipality of Falun's City Council abolished the fee for outdoor cafés to support local restaurant owners during by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Council decided to make leasing land for outdoor cafés free so restaurants could comply with social distancing requirements without also experiencing an additional unnecessary financial burden.

Outbreak / COVID+4

Falun, SE


Fortaleza, CE creates CPDrogas telephone service to ease resident struggles with drug dependencies

Municipal officials introduced this free phone service for residents at risk for relapses or worsening addictions due to social isolation. The CPDrogas team is staffed by nurses, psychologists, and social workers who evaluate a caller's current condition. Struggling residents are referred to medical care and specialists based on extensive interviews. Each participant receives follow-up calls from CPDrogas to check their condition and provide additional assistance.

Outbreak / COVID+3

Fortaleza, CE


Belo Horizonte, MG offers municipal employees free online fitness classes during the COVID pandemic

The City of Belo Horizonte's Movimenta PBH Program has been offering municipal employees online functional training, yoga, and labor gymnastics classes during the COVID-19 pandemic. The city launched the program to encourage employees to practice physical activities and adopt a healthier diet despite the lockdowns. The free classes are live but the recordings can be accessed by subscribers at any time through the City Hall's Distance Learning Portal.

Outbreak / COVID+2

Belo Horizonte, MG


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