Devon County Council, GB boosts local community groups and startups with Crowdfund Devon pilot

Devon County Council, GB Crowdfund Devon Pilot Community
In Progress

The county council worked with Crowdfunder to create a platform for local organizations seeking funds. Registered participants post their projects and request donations through Crowdfund Devon. The platform allows local and county governments to match donations up to preset limits for projects that serve community needs. Successful projects funded on this website include a machine for gathering beach plastic and emergency funding for The Plough Arts Centre.

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Devon County Council, GB helps key workers get to work during COVID-19 with Key Cars pilot

The Key Cars pilot helps professionals in key industries fill gaps left by transit closures due to COVID-19. Participants email their contact information and trip requirements by email at least 48 hours prior to pickup. Devon County Council only requires one email per passenger for regular trips and charges £1.50 per trip. Council staffers can also recommend alternate transit routes if a worker's regular route is impacted.

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