Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC)

The RTCC uses cameras, license plate readers and software to integrate information from a variety of sources. Critical information is provided to first responders in the field to help assist with investigations of criminal activity or quality of life concerns.

Violation SystemsComputer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)
New OrleansCity in Louisiana
Lindsay PicaCo-Founder
Related Projects

STiR 2019: Non-English 911 Voice recognition

The city is working with GovIQ, a cloud-based software solutions company, to develop a 911 call center tool with voice recognition for non-English languages.

Public Crime Data Dashboard

The city has launched a crime data dashboard designed to provide policymakers with easy access to the most current information on local felony crimes. These highly detailed reports provide incident and outcome data that can be used to improve public safety with informed policy.

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