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Broken Hill, NSW improves accessibility of council websites using the OpenCities platform

Broken Hill, NSW OpenCities Platform Website Accessibility


Council officials developed a four-year plan to achieve compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA. The result is a multi-lingual website that works as well on smartphones as desktops. Users with visual impairments learn local news through text-to-speech news releases recorded by a local radio personality. Broken Hill streamlined the digital experience with a simpler color scheme and a broken link checker that prevents user frustrations.


Broken Hill, NSW

City in New South Wales





OpenCities enables Governments of every size deliver world-class digital experiences, by re-imagining how councils procure, deliver and evolve their website & online services.


Website accessibility | Broken Hill City Council

Broken Hill City Council is committed to ensuring the equal and equitable access of information to all of its website visitors, including those using assistive technologies. The OpenCities platform that our website is powered by is audited annually against Web Content...


Project Succeeded

Council staffers drew on personal experiences to create a digital resource useful to all residents. Broken Hill also achieved $25,000 in savings by reducing personnel hours helping residents navigate the previous website.

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