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Davenport, IA strengthens neighborhood leadership in city affairs with Good Neighbor Project

Davenport, IA Good Neighbor Project Leadership City Affairs

In Progress

Davenport residents are encouraged to reach out to their neighbors and create local groups. Each group meets quarterly with local police and community development staffers to learn how the city can serve their needs. Neighborhood groups maintain open channels to the city and create communication methods for their residents. The Good Neighbor Project promotes proactive efforts in partnership with the city to resolve issues like park maintenance and speeding.

Public SafetyCitizen EngagementCommunicationsVolunteerismEngagement

Davenport, IA

Municipality in Iowa

United States


Good Neighbor Project Starter Kit




Good Neighbor Project Grows in Davenport | WVIK

An effort by Davenport to stabilize and strengthen its neigborhoods appears to be working. Since it began nearly one year ago, 65 groups have joined the


Davenport’s Good Neighbor Project Has Successful First Year

Neighborhood leaders are empowering and stabilizing Davenport’s neighborhoods

Project Succeeded

The Good Neighbor Project engaged 64 neighborhoods in its first year.

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