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Lewisville, TX is considering new options for addressing emergency dispatcher vacancies

Lewisville, TX addressing emergency dispatcher vacancies


The City of Lewisville is looking for new ways to fill emergency 911 dispatcher positions to address a large number of vacancies and high turnover rates. One option being considered is a step pay plan which includes 5% salary increases annually over seven years. Another potential option is a lateral transfer program which would allow dispatchers from other cities to relocate to Lewisville while keeping their previous rate of pay and skipping academy training.

Workforce ManagementEmergency ServicesPerformance Incentives / Staff Engagement

Lewisville, TX

Municipality in Texas

United States



Lewisville is looking for ways to address dispatcher vacancies | News | starlocalmedia.com

On top of the normal stress that comes with the job, many North Texas 911 dispatchers have also had to deal with extended work hours.

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