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Saskatoon, SK approves a free Wi-Fi pilot to improve connectivity during the COVID-19 outbreak

Saskatoon, SK Free Wi-Fi Pilot COVID-19 Connectivity


The city council approved a limited low-bandwidth network in response to connectivity issues among low-income households. Saskatoon officials pursued free Wi-Fi in response to uneven access by targeted households to online public health information. A 10-block service area will provide sufficient bandwidth to facilitate video calls and basic Internet access. Saskatoon and its project partners will evaluate the feasibility of expanded or citywide access during the pilot.

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Saskatoon, SK

City in Saskatchewan




Saskatoon city council approves 'exciting' free Wi-Fi pilot project | CTV News

For Ward 2 Coun. Hilary Gough, the Free Wi-Fi Pilot Project is a priority.


Saskatoon city council to examine free wifi for residents | Watch News Videos Online

Watch Saskatoon city council to examine free wifi for residents Video Online, on GlobalNews.ca

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