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Waikato Regional Council, NZ asks BUSIT passengers to register their travel for COVID-19 tracking

Waikato Regional Council, NZ BUSIT passengers log travel
Waikato Regional Council, NZ
Waikato Regional Council is asking BUSIT public transport passengers to register their essential travel to help authorities with COVID-19 contact tracing efforts. A short form is available on the BUSIT website which includes a passenger's full name, contact number, specific time of travel, and which transport service they used. Passengers also have the option of contacting a 24-hour information line to provide their travel details. Bus fare has been waived to avoid person-to-person contact.

Wellington Regional Council, NZ educates public transport workers on assisting visually impaired

Wellington Regional Council, NZ visually impaired passengers
Wellington Regional Council, NZ
Greater Wellington's Public Transport Network, Metlink, has been collaborating with the Blind Low Vision NZ organization to educate on-board rail team members on assisting visually impaired passengers. On-board team members were trained on specific techniques for guiding visually impaired passengers around the trains to an available seat. These sessions were lead by the Blind Low Vision NZ Rehabilitation Instructor and and Access and Awareness Advisor.

Christchurch City Council, NZ introduces "Smelt It" an online odor reporting tool

Christchurch City Council, NZ "Smelt It" odor reporting tool
Christchurch City Council, NZ
The City of Christchurch introduced a web-based odor reporting tool, "Smelt It", to residents of the Bromley suburb. This pilot project was designed to identify the sources of local odors, reduce instances of odors, and improve the quality of life for residents. The city plans to collect data for one month before analyzing the "Smelt It" feedback and reporting its findings back to the community.
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