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Philadelphia, PA seeks AI innovations in pavement repair evaluation through Pitch & Pilot request

Philadelphia, PA AI Pavement Repair Evaluation
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia's Office of Innovation & Technology requested pilot-ready technology from private sector applicants. The successful applicant will receive up to $34,000 to evaluate local roads and provide prioritized recommendations for repairs. The AI-enabled software or system will also create a road signs inventory and a map of manholes and grates. Philadelphia previously used the Pitch & Pilot program to find smart solutions for water quality and waste management issues.
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Darwin, NT expands myDarwin discount voucher program with help from Northern Territory

Darwin, NT myDarwin Discount Voucher Program
Darwin, NT
This voucher program offers $40 in discounts per day to more than 350 registered local businesses. Customers show digital codes at checkout ranging from $2.50 off for purchases of $10 or more to $20 off for purchases exceeding $80. An initial fund of $300,000 was exhausted in less than one month due to the program's popularity. Territorial officials provided $200,000 to continue myDarwin along with $1 million in matching funds to other councils pursuing comparable programs.
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London Borough of Haringey, GB developed the Haringey Procurement and Contract System portal

London Borough of Haringey, GB Procurement/Contract portal
London Borough of Haringey, GB
London Borough of Haringey developed the Haringey Procurement and Contract System (HPCS) portal to advertise procurement opportunities not covered by the Council's Dynamic Purchasing Systems. Any suppliers active within the past 18 months were automatically registered while inactive or new suppliers must complete the accreditation process. Users receive customized alerts for council contract opportunities based on their selected Goods, Works or Services categories.
Citizen Services
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