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Is remote work in local governments here to stay?

Brennan Kenny, Economic Development Champion for the Town of Innisfil, Ontario shares his thoughts on the future of remote work for local government and the importance of being forward-looking when considering staff engagement and service delivery.

Citizen Services+2

Innisfil, ON


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What drives Adelaide’s ‘designed for life’ goal? Innovation.

The innovative City of Adelaide remains open to new ideas and opportunities to help drive city initiatives when it comes to engaging their residents and improving service delivery. A true innovative city ‘designed for life.’

Citizen Services+3

Adelaide, SA


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6 Tips for creating a culture of innovation in your city

In order for real, sustained change to happen in local government, there needs to be a deeply rooted culture of innovation throughout the agency. We dive into 6 pieces of advice from London Ontario's Director of Information Technology, Mat Daley.

Business Engagement+1
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5 tips for creating a more “open government”

Rebecca Woodbury, former Director of Digital Service and Open Government for the City of San Rafael, shares tips for those looking to improve the employee and end-user experience by creating a more collaborative culture and focusing on open resources for efficiency gains.

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Tempe, AZ introduces the first car-free neighborhood in U.S.

The city is partnering with a real estate developer to build a mobility-foused community where zero residents own a car.

Land Use Planning / Development+1

Tempe, AZ

United States

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London fights pollution with Ultra Low Emission Zone

The Greater London Authority charges a daily fee to any vehicle that doesn’t meet emission standards in the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone.

Air Quality

Greater London Authority, GB

United Kingdom

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