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8 ways AI is changing the way local governments do business

Local governments are turning more frequently, and in an increasingly broad variety of ways, to artificial intelligence. These eight examples show just how great an impact AI is making in the lives of people around the world.


Aarhus, DK

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Smart traps and feral cats: Cities amp up their pest control

Innovative pest control measures are bringing new strategies, like smart tech and community engagement, into the fight against infestations.

Environmental Services+1
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Web3 and blockchain applications for local government

In Episode 74, Olivia from our team is joined by two blockchain enthusiasts, Dani Pico and Zachary Habayeb, who are working in the community building space of Web3.

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Ten local government chatbots that are making a difference

The list of local government chatbot names grows by the day, as municipalities and county governments keep finding new ways to utilize this cyber workforce to improve services and reduce costs.

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Driving transformational change in public finance

Learn more about how public finance teams are going beyond traditional accounting roles to drive transformational change.

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Podcast Ep. 71: Siddy Holloway, London Transport Museum

In this episode, Olivia is joined by Siddy Holloway who is Hidden London Engagement Manager for London Transport Museum and presenter of Secrets of the London Underground. She details how London is sharing its public transit stories and highlighting the topic of mobility.

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Govlaunch Podcast Ep. 70: Michael Pegues, CIO of Aurora, IL

Michael Pegues from Aurora, Illinois joins us to discuss the city's ongoing journey to become a regional technology hub.

Innovation Districts+5

Aurora, IL

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United States

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A London borough uses digital addresses to help the homeless

The London Borough of Lewisham is using a product called ProxyAddress to match rough sleepers with virtual addresses tied to vacant buildings. This makes it easier for those experiencing homelessness to apply for jobs, get bank accounts, and access vital services.

Digital Services+2
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Innovators of Australia: 5 trends driving local change

Local councils across the continent are taking creative approaches to shared challenges addressing everything from inclusivity to water management.

Economic Development+4
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Campbell River, BC evaluates city performance via scorecard

The annual City Scorecard measures and rates city operations across departments and programs in an illustrated, digestible format. This makes it easier for residents to understand and engage with city services.


Campbell River, BC

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6 Impactful ways cities can cut down emergency response time

Local governments are turning to tactics like data, GIS mapping, internal operations efficiencies, and citizen engagement to improve emergency response programs, ultimately saving lives.

Emergency Preparedness+1
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Tracking — and improving — water quality from source to sink

From high-tech filtration systems to social media stunts, local governments are finding new ways to identify and address water quality issues.

Water & Wastewater+4
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Darwin launches interactive guide to jumpstart AI use

As part of its robust Smart Darwin program, the Australian city has introduced a tool to promote broader and better use of artificial intelligence. They did so by building upon work done by another city.


Darwin, NT

AU flag


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5 Lessons from Lancaster’s fresh spin on local government

Through its focus on equity, collaborative teams, and community engagement, Lancaster has emerged as a leader in local government management.


Lancaster, PA

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United States

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Belfast plants 1 million trees with community help

The Northern Ireland capital is undertaking an ambitious carbon-reduction initiative by putting citizens at the heart of the project.

Parks and Recreation+4

Belfast City Council, GB

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United Kingdom

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