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U.S. Census: A tool for citizen engagement

Innovators Stephanie Reid, Executive Director Philly Counts 2020, Melissa Bird, Executive Director, District Census 2020 and Michael Baskin, an advisor to the Foundation for Civic Leadership, team up with Govlaunch to share strategies for effective census engagement and how this process may be the gateway to establishing robust citizen engagement overall.

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Darebin, VIC fast-tracks tree canopy expansion

The city’s Rapid Canopy Project is set to plant 6,000 trees in just 15 months. Many of the plantings utilise nature strips or small parcels of public land.

Parks and Recreation+2

Darebin, VIC


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6 tips for launching a successful innovation project

Aurora, IL’s former Chief Innovation Officer, Adrienne Holloway, Ph.D. shares advice on gaining stakeholder buy-in and setting yourself up for success with your next innovation project.

Citizen Services+1
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Cities turn to Minecraft to engage younger residents

Local governments are creating worlds in the popular video game to encourage residents to better understand their cities and make suggestions on how to improve them.

Citizen Engagement+1
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Citizen Engagement Part 6: Want a better civic experience?

Clay County, FL looks to Granicus for full suite citizen engagement from online services to communications

Engagement Platforms+5

Clay County, FL

United States

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Cities get creative to stop “wipes in the pipes”

Local governments are finding creative ways to educate the public and change their behavior to prevent flushed wipes from damaging municipal water systems.

Water & Wastewater+5
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