Govlaunch Podcast Ep. 70: Michael Pegues, CIO of Aurora, IL

Michael Pegues from Aurora, Illinois joins us to discuss the city's ongoing journey to become a regional technology hub.

Govlaunch Podcast Ep. 70: Michael Pegues, CIO of Aurora, IL media 1


Govlaunch co-founder James Alfano and Michael Pegues from Aurora, Illinois discuss the importance of cultivating public-private partnerships, seeing through the smart city hype, and tips for building a strong foundation upon which a connected community can be built.

Featured government: City of Aurora, IL

Episode guests: Michael Pegues, Chief Information Officer at the City of Aurora

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The Govlaunch podcast shares the stories of local government innovators and their efforts to build better governments. Through conversations with cities and towns around the world, each episode explores creative solutions to the challenges communities face, and what local governments can learn from each other’s successes and failures. $ Click here for more stories and examples of local government innovation.$ 

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Aurora Strategic Technology Plan

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