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Rochester, MN is providing new construction career pathways for BIPOC women

The City of Rochester is providing new construction career pathways in response to the job losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pathways focus on education, training, hiring, and work culture interventions for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) women. The initiative is designed to support economic mobility for BIPOC women through careers in all phases of the construction industry. For this proposal, Rochester was named a finalist in the 2021 Global Mayors Challenge.

Workforce Management+3

Rochester, MN

United States

Lansing, MI proposes a multi-media partnership to improve education for students following COVID

The City of Lansing is proposing an innovative partnership with the Lansing School District, WKAR Public Media, and the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) to reverse the learning loss students face due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The proposal involves creating an online education platform, in-person opportunities, and other resources targeting the pre-kindergarten through third-grade population. The proposal earned Lansing a spot as a finalist in the 2021 Global Mayors Challenge.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+2

Lansing, MI

United States

Akron, OH launches the Targeted Help for Resilient Innovative Entrepreneurs (THRIVE) program

The City of Akron is launching the Targeted Help for Resilient Innovative Entrepreneurs (THRIVE) program to grow local Black-owned businesses. The THRIVE program will use a unique "medical rounds" approach that pairs entrepreneurs with a THRIVE Entrepreneurship Pathway Advisor (TEPA) to guide them through a suite of financial support and expert resources. The city hopes that the THRIVE program will create 200 new Black-owned businesses by 2030.

Economic Development+4

Akron, OH

United States

Columbus, OH expands last-mile wireless access to underserved homes and offers basic tech training

The City of Columbus is a finalist in the 2021 Global Mayors Challenge for expanding last-mile wireless access to homes that are currently underserved by installing base stations on city buildings. As part of the "Every Citizen Online" initiative the city is partnering with 21 local libraries to offer free basic technology training classes. The city hopes to address the growing digital divide by integrating digital literacy support and increasing affordability of at-home Wi-Fi for residents.

Digital Services+4

Columbus, OH

United States

Apeldoorn, GE seeks ideas from young residents for ending isolation among seniors

Young residents submit their ideas for combatting loneliness to the council with short videos. These videos are presented to the local business community for future collaborations during a June 24th virtual event. A panel of experts selects the best idea for guaranteed implementation along with a prize for the entrant. Apeldoorn designed the competition to strengthen ties between youths and seniors following months of isolation during COVID-19.


Apeldoorn, GE


Birmingham, AL is developing the Birmingham Food Corps to address community food deserts

The City of Birmingham is developing the Birmingham Food Corps program to address the issue of community food deserts. The city estimates that 70% of its residents lack access to high-quality, affordable food. The Birmingham Food Corps will be staffed by recent graduates to scale the success of hyper-local urban farms and generate community-driven solutions for increasing food access. The Birmingham Food Corps proposal was selected as a finalist in the 2021 Global Mayors Challenge.

Training & Development+1

Birmingham, AL

United States

Baltimore, MD launched the Black-Owned and Operated Storefront Tenancy (BOOST) Program

The City of Baltimore launched the Black-Owned and Operated Storefront Tenancy (BOOST) Program to support the long-term success of creative, Black-owned businesses in Downtown Baltimore storefronts. The BOOST program pairs creative Black-owned businesses with vacant storefronts, and connects them with technical and marketing expertise. The BOOST program offers up to $50,000 in grants to help select businesses expand to brick-and-mortar locations.

Grants Management+4

Baltimore, MD

United States

Hillsboro, OR connects young talent to local busineses through December Works pilot

City officials worked with the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce to find internships during the winter holiday for residents aged 18 to 24. These short-term opportunities connected young workers to the local business community. Hillsboro modeled December Works after the existing Hillsboro Works program for summer employment. The popularity of both programs will lead to additional efforts at keeping talent in Hillsboro.

Economic Development+2

Hillsboro, OR

United States

Springfield, VT renames and renumbers addresses to comply with federal emergency communication rule

The Town of Springfield is renaming and renumbering addresses to comply with federal emergency communication rules. The E-911 system automatically provides a caller's location to emergency dispatchers but 30 areas in Springfield deviate from the state's E-911 rules. Springfield has several streets with similar names, addresses with unlawful numbering, and roads that change names without an intersection. By resolving these issues, the town will prevent confusion among emergency responders.

Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)+4

Springfield, VT

United States

Dun Laoghaire / Rathdown, IE turns resident ideas into pilots through dlrBETA platform

Residents submit small-scale pilot ideas through a basic form on dlrBETA. This form asks for a one-line idea and a brief explanation of what problem is solved by the proposal. Council officials consider each proposal for a pilot of up to six months with ongoing evaluations for long-term feasability. The initial cohort of council-run trials included public bins for pizza boxes and a parklet in Sallynoggin.

Engagement Platforms+2

Dun Laoghaire / Rathdown, IE


Guadalajara, JA submits safety index platform proposal for 2021 Global Mayors Challenge

The proposal advanced to the challenge's Champions Phase, a four-month development phase with Bloomberg Philanthropies. This platform will draw on demographic data, police reports, and community consultations for real-time evaluations. Residents consult a public-facing platform to find safety ratings and updates for their neighborhoods. Guadalajara will use safety indexing to allocate resources and model future trends across the city.

Emergency Preparedness+4

Guadalajara, JA


Hermosillo, SO advances in Global Mayors Challenge 2021 with innovative recycling program

The Biciclando initiative employs women for home recyclable collections by e-cargo bike. An app-based dispatch program assists riders as they complete their routes. Collected recyclables will be reused by outlets like a repair workshop and an eco-friendly business incubator. Hermosillo is one of 50 Champion Cities that will work with Bloomberg Philanthropies to further refine their ideas over a four-month period.

Economic Development+3

Hermosillo, SO


Welling City Council, NZ uses digital twin to engage residents and coordinate climate change policy

The City of Wellington has developed a "digital twin" that combines land, financial, community, and infrastructure data in a virtual map of the city. The Council will scale this digital twin and use it as a tool to engage residents in climate policy and coordinate community action to adapt to climate change. Wellington is one of 50 Champion Cities selected as a finalist in the 2021 Global Mayors Challenge which identifies the most ambitious ideas developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Wellington City Council, NZ

New Zealand

Recife, PE advances in Mayors Challenge Award with economic empowerment program for women

The Tá com Elas initiative connects Recife's microcredit program with additional economic resources for women. This proposal includes a business incubator, virtual qualification courses, and an accounting service. Recife's goal is for 15,000 women to participate in Tá com Elas by 2024. City officials will work with Bloomberg Philanthropies during a four-month Champions Phase to further develop and test the program.

Economic Development+2

Recife, PE


Glasgow City Council, GB achieves Champion City status with resident upskilling proposal

Bloomberg Philanthropies selected Glasgow among 50 Champion Cities with innovative solutions for real-world solutions. City leaders will work with universities and businesses to train low-income residents for design and innovation projects. Participants will work with project partners on neighborhood-level solutions to poverty, climate change, and other persistent challenges. Glasgow will further refine the proposal during a four-month development period.

Economic Development+3

Glasgow City Council, GB

United Kingdom

León, GJ launched the "León Oxigena" program to supply COVID-19 patients with medicinal oxygen

The Municipality of León launched the "León Oxigena" program to supply COVID-19 patients with medicinal oxygen for recovery and treatment at home. The medicinal oxygen is given exclusively to the most vulnerable families with valid medical prescriptions. The León Oxigena program supports up to 400 families per day with oxygen tanks containing 10,000 milliliters that will last them 3 to 4 days. Households can apply for an appointment online with new spots available every hour.

Citizen Services+3

León, GJ


Sydney, NSW fosters neighborhood connectivity during pandemic with Today in your Village

City officials looked for a low-cost, high-impact method of re-engaging residents with their neighborhoods after COVID-19 lockdowns. Sydney's innovation team divided the city into 10 "villages" for hyperlocal messaging. An in-house system for scraping public projects, sales at local shops, and community events was developed over seven weeks. Today in your Village used a Facebook chat to send daily messages with news based on the user's location.

Social Media+3

Sydney, NSW


Randwick, NSW educates public on newest water recycling center with Outdoor Classrooms

A newly constructed water recycling system under Arthur Byrne Reserve gathers stormwater from drains throughout the city. Water filtered through UV light irrigates to five other reserves via underground pipes. Randwick built two Outdoor Classrooms with QR-coded signs and interactive exercises that explain the benefits of water recycling. Classroom visitors learn how Randwick's largest treatment system saves 40 million liters in drinkable water per year.

Facilities & Infrastructure+3

Randwick, NSW


Aparecida de Goiânia, GO builds skilled workforce with O Espaço do Trabalhador platform

O Espaço do Trabalhador - The Worker's Space - publishes real-time job postings from local employers. Applicants find job requirements and available interview times for each vacancy. The portal includes mentoring videos on topics ranging from resume construction to improving interpersonal skills. Local residents are also connected to industry-developed qualification courses in areas like logistics and water treatment.

Economic Development+2

Aparecida de Goiânia, GO


Penrith, NSW adapts The Village Cafe program for community relief during COVID-19

The Village Cafe is a monthly event in three suburbs that connects residents to their neighbors over coffee. This pop-up program allows participants to speak with council partners like Community Junction and LikeMind. Penrith converted the rotating cafes into outlets for relief during the pandemic with free flu shots and food aid. Council teams and partner organizations also evaluated local needs through conversations with cafe patrons.

Health & Human Services+2

Penrith, NSW


Seattle, WA tackles last-mile vehicle emissions in Uptown with Neighborhood Delivery Hub

Uptown residents order takeout from their favorite restaurants through the Neighborhood Kitchen rather than food delivery services. A parcel locker for major carriers provides secure storage without vehicle idling on residential streets. E-cargo bikes guided by delivery routing software complete the remainder of deliveries without emissions. Seattle and the University of Washington's Urban Freight Lab will track traffic data using the lab's Mobile Unit for Sensing Traffic.


Seattle, WA

United States

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