Fredericton, NB partners with local transportation company on mobile transit app

Fredericton, NB Transit App Local Partnership
Fredericton, NB
Hotspot combines booking services for taxis, buses, and parking lots into a single app. Commuters can purchase digital bus fares and track buses using real-time GPS data. The app features taxi driver ratings and a wallet for refunds of unused parking payments. Fredericton and HotSpot encourage app use by offering the first 30 minutes of parking or the first bus fare for free.
Mobile App+2

Saint John, NB developing Smart Grid Project that manages citywide power usage

Saint John, NB Smart Grid Project Power Usage
Saint John, NB
City-owned Saint John Energy seeks households and businesses to test a citywide smart grid. Participants can opt into upgrades like smart heat pumps, baseboard heaters, and electric vehicle chargers. The pilot uses four battery systems per address to better distribute electricity. The Smart Control Centre allocates electricity based on algorithms that evaluate historical data, weather, and system maintenance.
Utility Billing+5

Grande Prairie, AB trials autonomous snow plow and lawn mower for seasonal maintenance

Grande Prairie, AB Autonomous Snow Plow Lawn Mower
Grande Prairie, AB
The city tested a Husqvarna Automower 550 during the summer to trim grass at South Bear Creek Park. City staff programmed the autonomous electric mower using a mobile app to avoid obstacles and handle turns. The RT-1000 autonomous snow plow used on Bear Creek Reservoir trails in winter featured salt, sand, and plow attachments. This plow covered up to 25 kilometers of trail per tank of gas.
Autonomous Vehicle+2

Belleville, ON improves commuter experiences on public transit with My BT Bus app

Belleville, ON My BT Bus App Public Transit
Belleville, ON
The My BT Bus app provides to-the-minute updates of bus locations relative to transit stops. Public transit users use the app to plan bus trips and review schedules for updated information. Belleville Transit officials draw data from the app including overall system use, passenger volume per route, and on-time performance for drivers.
Mobile App+2

Playford, SA puts driverless electric bus to the test through two-part pilot

Playford, SA Driverless Electric Bus Pilot
Playford, SA
An initial eight-month pilot ran the six-seat minibus from a parking lot to Lyell McEwin Hospital. Playford and partners DPTI, SAGE Automation, and EasyMile shifted the bus to a four-month trial between Munno Para train station and Playford Alive Township. Each bus is limited to 20 kilometers per hour with a GPS-guided route. Passengers used the bus for free during its morning and afternoon commute services.
Autonomous Vehicle+2

Taranaki Regional Council, NZ created Backyard Biodiversity video series for kids during pandemic

Taranaki Regional Council, NZ Backyard Biodiversity videos
Taranaki Regional Council, NZ
Taranki Regional Council partnered with the Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust to launch Backyard Biodiversity Taiao Taiepa Ki Tua. This online video series showcases the bugs, birds, lizards, and plants that live in residential backyards. This join initiative was designed to educate and entertain children during the lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

MidCoast, NSW encourages proper hazardous waste disposal with Mobile Recycling Trailer

MidCoast, NSW Mobile Recycling Trailer
MidCoast, NSW
The Mobile Recycling Trailer allows local residents to dispose of batteries, light bulbs, and chemicals not accepted for home pickup. MidCoast scheduled nine stops for the trailer in 2020 to accommodate households throughout the city. Residents can drop off 20 kilograms or 20 liters for free and speak with waste experts about proper disposal practices.

Maribyrnong, VIC engages Footscray neighborhood in smart technology project

Maribyrnong, VIC Footscray Smart Technology Project
Maribyrnong, VIC
City officials and Victoria University are installing sensors, lighting, and Wi-Fi to create a fully connected neighborhood. Air quality sensors and traffic counters will provide clearer views of Footscray's environmental profile. The Footscray Park App and interactive public kiosks connect users to local destinations. Public access to data will be available through the Integrated Smart City Data Platform.
Smart City+4

Armadale, WA audits and tags random recycling bins as part of citywide campaign

Armadale, WA Citywide Recycling Tag Audit
Armadale, WA
The Bin Auditing and Tagging program responds to the 20% share of recycling bins contaminated by waste. Armadale employees are assigned to random streets and check bins on three collection days. The program uses tags with smiles or frowns to indicate success or failure in avoiding bin contamination. Each tag includes Recycle Right tips to keep recyclable items out of landfills.

Dunedin City Council, NZ is installing smart pedestrian crossing technology for local high schools

Dunedin City Council, NZ installs smart pedestrian crossing
Dunedin City Council, NZ
Dunedin City Council is spending $40,000 (NZD) to install smart pedestrian crossing technology outside three local high schools. These smart crossing features include illuminated signage, motion-activated flashing LED roadway lights, and "dragon's teeth" optical illusion road markings. This project is designed to increase the awareness of drivers, reduce speeding, and improve pedestrian safety.
Pedestrian Safety+2

Dunedin City Council, NZ is installing three recycling hubs for students and inner-city residents

Dunedin City Council, NZ installs three new recycling hubs
Dunedin City Council, NZ
Dunedin City Council is collaborating with Otago Polytechnic, the University of Otago, and Countdown Dunedin Central to install three new recycling hubs. This project is designed to make recycling easier for local students and inner-city residents. According to the Council, students recycling bins are often overflowing and inner-city residents lack access to a weekly kerbside recycling service. Each recycling hub will cost the Council approximately $80,000 (NZD).

Fraser Coast, QLD tests public event Wi-Fi as part of long-term connectivity plan

Fraser Coast, QLD Public Event Wi-FI Connectivity
Fraser Coast, QLD
The Fraser Coast Regional Council is considering a full public Wi-Fi network during its 2020-2021 budget deliberations. From 2017 to 2020, the council added local Wi-Fi to parks and event venues as localized tests of resident interest. Recent events like the Maryborough Technology Challenge used portable Wi-Fi to evaluate system performance and range.

Yarra, VIC incorporates lane separators and street markings to improve road safety

Yarra, VIC Lane Separators Street Markings Road Safety
Yarra, VIC
Wellington Street features new lane separators in both directions to protect cyclists. The street's east side uses planters and parking spots as natural traffic dividers. Concrete separators were added to the west side of Wellington Street. City councilors also approved honeycomb markings at intersections to slow traffic for pedestrians and cyclists.
Pedestrian Safety+2
Project Succeeded

Shoalhaven, NSW reaches out to bushfire victims with Mobile Recovery Hubs

Shoalhaven, NSW Mobile Bushfire Recovery Hubs
Shoalhaven, NSW
The city used three pop-up events to serve residents and businesses harmed by the summer's bushfires. Shoalhaven sourced agencies and local organizations to help visitors with mental health counseling, business assistance, and financial advice. Mobile Recovery Hubs focused on outlying areas isolated from the main recovery hub. An additional three pop-up events were canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
Emergency Services+3

Canada Bay, NSW connects sensors to wireless network in smart bin pilot

Canada Bay, NSW Smart Bin Sensor Wireless Pilot
Canada Bay, NSW
Ninety-five public garbage bins are equipped with sensors that detect bin capacity and temperature. Real-time data are sent on the Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) to city officials. This yearlong pilot allows waste management staffers to improve response times while creating a public Wi-Fi network.
Smart City+4

New Westminster, BC switching public utility to Advanced Metering Infrastructure

New Westminster, BC Public Utility Advanced Metering
New Westminster, BC
The Electrical Utility plans citywide replacement of household meters with wireless AMI devices over a six-month period. Wireless meters allow for real-time usage data that produce accurate bills and encourage energy-efficient behaviors. The data also helps utility workers stay ahead of outages and surges. Householders concerned about privacy or wireless communications can opt out of real-time data transfers.
Utility Billing+4

Hamilton City Council, NZ converted stadium into a COVID-19 self-isolation site for freedom campers

Hamilton City Council, NZ created freedom camping COVID site
Hamilton City Council, NZ
The Hamilton City Council converted a local stadium carpark into a COVID-19 self-isolation site for freedom campers with a strict requirement for physical distancing. Freedom camping is a practice that allows visitors to explore the city for free by parking self-contained vehicles at select locations. This project was specifically requested by the Waikato Civil Defense Emergency Management Group to help eliminate non-essential travel during the pandemic.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council, NZ plans to offer free regional bus service for tertiary students

Bay of Plenty Regional Council, NZ free student bus service
Bay of Plenty Regional Council, NZ
The Bay of Plenty Regional Council is planning a one year trial for offering free regional bus service for tertiary students. This project involves financially collaborating with the University of Waikato and the Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology to provide the free service. The goal of the project will be to improve access to tertiary education for local communities who struggle. with the cost of transportation. The Council has budgeted $354,000 (NZD) in its 2020 Annual Plan for the trial run.

Hawke's Bay Regional Council, NZ conducted a 3D mapping aerial survey of its freshwater supply

Hawke's Bay Regional Council, NZ 3D mapping water supply
Hawke's Bay Regional Council, NZ
The Hawke's Bay Regional Council conducted a 3D aquifer mapping aerial survey using Danish SkyTEM technology. The project involved flying a helicopter carrying this electromagnetic survey equipment over local aquifers for the duration of six weeks. This process allowed the Council to collect 3D imaging of the region's freshwater supply down to 300 metres below the surface. The survey was conducted across 8,000 kilometres and will take two years to completely process.

Cockburn, WA encourages bike exploration of local attractions with Explore Cockburn map

Cockburn, WA Explore Cockburn Bike Map
Cockburn, WA
Explore Cockburn emphasizes bike-friendly routes to destinations throughout the city. The map includes Wi-Fi hot spots and public art installations not noted on other interactive maps. The city's Moon Path - which glows in the dark to improve cycling safety - is also highlighted in full. Explore Cockburn is mobile-friendly and incorporates accessibility features like text-to-speech.

Port Phillip, VIC considers eScooter pilot to connect pedestrians to public transit

Port Phillip, VIC eScooter Pilot Pedestrians Transit
Port Phillip, VIC
Port Phillip's eScooter trial is under development pending changes to provincial sidewalk regulations. The city council approved a trial with up to 500 200-watt scooters lasting up to six months. City officials are looking for two operating partners to design an eScooter system that complements trails and bus routes.
Pilot / POC+2

Manningham, VIC informs neighborhood development with smart sensors

Manningham, VIC Smart Sensor Neighborhood Development
Manningham, VIC
City officials approved a series of smart sensors throughout Jackson Center Neighbourhood Centre after months of public feedback. The sensors collect traffic, pedestrian, and weather data to determine the daily use of local businesses and resources. Manningham will incorporate sensor data into future plans for sidewalks, business licenses, and neighborhood events.
Smart City+3

Mackay, QLD prepares residents for emergencies through Disaster Dashboard

Mackay, QLD Disaster Dashboard Emergency Public
Mackay, QLD
The council's Disaster Dashboard presents current weather alerts, power outages, and road impairments in color-coded boxes. A regional map can be filtered to locate these alerts and flood evacuation zones for coastal residents. Mackay's Local Disaster Management Group currently uses the dashboard to communicate with residents about COVID-19 responses.
Emergency Preparedness+4

Northland Regional Council, NZ approves $15.5 million redevelopment of an old supermarket site

Northland Regional Council, NZ supermarket redevelopment
Northland Regional Council, NZ
The Northland Regional Council approved a $15.5 million (NZD) contract with Acro Group for the redevelopment a former supermarket site. The Council plans to retain full ownership over the majority of the property as a tenanted investment. The redevelopment plans include splitting the refurbished supermarket building into a dozen tenancies, a medical precinct, a gym, a child care centre, and various retail businesses.
Land Use Planning / Development+1