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Southold, NY launched a passport program to encourage residents to visit local parks and trails

The Southold Recreation Department launched a new passport program to encourage residents to visit local parks and hiking trails. The passport booklets, which highlight seven local parks and preserves, can be printed or picked up from the Recreation Department. Participants collect badge stickers from kiosks along the trail and once the passport booklet has been completed it can be turned into the department for a chance to win a gift certificate.

Parks and Recreation+1

Southold, NY

United States

Österåker, SE collaborated with neighboring municipalities on the Green Wedges Northeast website

The Municipality of Österåker collaborated with neighboring municipalities to launch the Green Wedges Northeast website. The ten green wedges are large contiguous green areas from the surrounding countryside which are developed independently of municipal boundaries to create good conditions for animal and plant life. The website was designed to spread awareness, encourage biological diversity, and help residents find green excursions near their home.

Parks and Recreation+3

Österåker, SE



Danderyd, SE



Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council, GB promotes equal access to services for the deaf community

Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council is enhancing equality of access to services as part of a commitment to become a Deaf Friendly Council. The Council has appointed a "Deaf Champion" to promote deaf awareness and help remove any barriers preventing those with a disability from feeling welcomed by the community. The Council is encouraging its staff to participate in signing courses and providing signing on social media videos for important events and announcements.

Citizen Services+4

Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council, GB

United Kingdom

Milwaukee County, WI launched the "MyCounty" resident services web portal

Milwaukee County launched the "MyCounty" web portal as a one-stop digital destination for residents to access County services. Users can virtually access services, view transaction history, and track the status of service requests. Currently the portal supports a handful of services including public record requests, senior dining reservations, park permits, and non-profit arts organization funding applications.

Citizen Services+2

Milwaukee County, WI

United States

Mosman, NSW collaborates with Simply Cups on single-use cup recycling pilot

Mosman placed Simply Cups recycling bins outside three council buildings for the three-month pilot. Passersby separate remaining liquids, cups, and lids into dedicated slots on each bin. Liquid waste and lids are sent to landfills while cups are collected for reuse. The upcycling company converts single-use cups into raw materials for PakPave road surfacing, outdoor seats, and reusable coffee cups.


Mosman, NSW


Skanderborg, DK pilots material reuse scheme during demolition of old municipal building

Contractors will remove and clean 3,800 bricks from an unused building at Virring Skole. Reclaimed bricks will be stored by the municipality for reuse in a future public building project. Skanderborg also offers interior features like doors and sinks to households and businesses near the school. Municipal officials view the pilot as the first step toward a regional warehouse of reclaimed materials that reduce construction costs and emissions.

Facilities Management+4

Skanderborg, DK


City of York Council, GB coordinates with local businesses on low emission delivery study

A feasibility study will determine how York can reduce delivery vehicle emissions in the city center. City officials plan consultations with local businesses already using e-cargo bikes and plug-in vans for deliveries. The resulting pilot centers on a package consolidation center accessed by low-emission vehicles for final mile deliveries. Various methods of eco-friendly deliveries will lead to a working system that advances the city's work toward carbon neutrality by 2030.

Road & Traffic Management+3

City of York Council, GB

United Kingdom

Long Beach, CA considers Homeless Court Pilot Program combining diversion with social services

The proposed pilot moves legal proceedings against homeless residents to the Multi-Service Center. A Homeless Court coordinator in the city prosecutor's office works with participants to clear past low-level convictions. Pilot participants are connected to employment, housing, substance treatment, and health services in lieu of misdemeanor sentences. If approved, the program would run through June 2022 with a potential three-year extension.

Court Management+3

Long Beach, CA

United States

Tucson, AZ and Pima County shape SolarAPP+ panel permit process prior to national rollout

The city, county, and registered contractors participated in a four-month expedited permit pilot. SolarAPP+ from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) allows contractors to submit residential rooftop solar plans for same-day review. Stakeholders in the pilot compared SolarAPP+ with traditional permit applications to create improvements in the system. The streamlined process reduces staff time spent on 20% of building permits stemming from residential solar projects.

Pilot / POC+3

Tucson, AZ

United States


Pima County, AZ

United States

João Pessoa, PB enhances visitor experiences through Intelligent Tourism project

An Intelligent Tourism app offers bilingual information about landmarks, accommodations, and restaurants. Additional investments in free Wi-Fi near attractions and QR-coded signs provide quick access to essential data. João Pessoa also plans a dedicated database for information generated by Intelligent Tourism assets. Gathered data will be used for predictive analyses of foot traffic, popular stops, and service gaps that inform future investments.


João Pessoa, PB


João Pessoa, PB adopts TrafGo adaptive street light system for improved traffic flow

The AI-enabled platform from Google and Serttel controls traffic lights at 40 intersections on three streets. TrafGo combines smartphone data from passing motorists and Google Maps overlays into synchronized lighting patterns. This system creates patterns of successive green lights allowing vehicles to travel up to 50 kilometers per hour without sudden stops. Early success will lead João Pessoa to connect TrafGo with the entire 221-light network.

Road & Traffic Management+3

João Pessoa, PB


Savannah, GA goes digital with cemetery records through kiosks and mobile-friendly website

Visitors to Laurel Grove North and Laurel Grove South locate burial records using touchscreen kiosks. Each kiosk is located under a canopy near the main entrance for easy access. The city's Cemetery Division also created a website that places burial records in the user's hands. A walk-to-site tool uses a phone's GPS capabilities to provide step-by-step instructions to selected sites.

Facilities Management+2

Savannah, GA

United States

Aurora, IL is building a new comprehensive cybersecurity plan with Data Defenders LLC

The City of Aurora is building a new cybersecurity plan that could become a model for municipalities across the country. The Aurora City Council is doubling its contract with Data Defenders LLC, a Chicago-based computer security firm, to $3.2 million in order to implement continuous surveillance of the city's Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition infrastructure. The comprehensive plan would guarantee the city spends less time and money fixing its systems in the event of a cyberattack.

Cyber Security+3

Aurora, IL

United States

Salem, MA partnered with SiFi Networks to create a citywide fiber optic network

The City of Salem has partnered with SiFi Networks to create the infrastructure for a citywide fiber optic network. The Salem City Council signed a 30-year contract with SiFi Networks which allows them to charge service providers for using the network. In exchange, SiFi Networks is covering the estimated $35 million in setup costs. The arrangement will provide much needed competition with Comcast as it is currently the only reliable high-speed Internet option available in the city.


Salem, MA

United States

Sacramento, CA is using the InVeris virtual reality system for police officer training

The Sacramento Police Department has started using the InVeris virtual reality training system to build scenarios based on real-life police encounters. The practice scenarios allow police officers to apply techniques such as implicit-bias, cultural competency, de-escalation, and peer intervention. The adjustable and modular system allows two officers to complete a virtual scenario together, receive instructions over the headset, and analyze footage of their behaviors afterwards.

Emergency Preparedness+3

Sacramento, CA

United States

Cleveland County, OK launched a new drone program to help with search and rescue cases

The Cleveland County Sheriff's Office launched a new drone program to help with search and rescue cases. The drones are equipped with spotlights, a public address system, and infrared cameras. The spotlights and infrared cameras allow the drones to identify heat signatures over a large area in a few minutes. The public address system allows deputies to communicate with individuals at the scene and de-escalate potentially dangerous situations.

Public Safety+3

Cleveland County, OK

United States

El Monte, CA implements Cleverciti smart parking system at heavily traveled lots

Overhead sensors at the Main Street and Metrolink parking lots generate real-time vacancy data. This information transmits to a dedicated app and 360-degree digital signs at intersections throughout the lot. Commuters receive step-by-step directions to vacant spots on the Cleverciti Guidance app. El Monte's smart parking initiative reduces emissions, improves lot occupancy rates, and boosts accessibility to nearby public transit options.

Parking Solutions+3

El Monte, CA

United States

Lahti, FI works with Lappeenranta on #Zeropollutionhour nature cleanup campaign during EU Green Week

Lahti and Lappeenranta are asking participants to spend one hour each clearing litter in May 2021. Individuals, offices, and community groups post photos and locations of their pickups to social media with the campaign hashtag. A Maptionnaire map allows participants to mark areas they've cleaned to avoid duplication by other teams. The #Zeropollutionhour campaign website includes suggestions for greener living including sustainable transport, food, and energy use.

Social Media+4

Lahti, FI



Lappeenranta, FI


Canterbury Bankstown, NSW partners with ShareWaste to increase community composting

The free platform connects food scrap donors to residents who currently compost. Participants use an interactive map to connect with their neighbors and arrange food waste drop-offs. Canterbury Bankstown used International Composting Awareness Week to promote ShareWaste on social media and council webpages. Council officials will use data gathered on local food waste exchanges as they consider changes to waste management practices.

Social Media+3

Canterbury Bankstown, NSW


Olathe, KS invests in first-in-state electric vehicle chargers powered by the sun

Six BEAM EV ARC chargers added to the Indian Creek Library, Lake Olathe, and the Olathe Community Center. Each charger provides a steady source of battery power during outages and weather events thanks to overhead solar panels. The EV charging network is accessible at no cost to residents and fleet vehicle drivers. Olathe worked with the Metropolitan Energy Center to access federal grants for the network along with city-owned electric vehicles.

Energy Solutions+2

Olathe, KS

United States

Derbyshire County Council, GB goes remote with Social Care Digital Innovation Programme

Derbyshire County Council sought a solution that reduced client wait times without adding personnel, travel time, or expensive technology. Staff members received smartphones with Microsoft Teams to conduct virtual visits for home adaptations. Clients received guides that reduced technical barriers for photo and video assessments. The initiative uses the client's preferred communications medium including Zoom, WhatsApp, or Skype.

Digital Services+1

Derbyshire County Council, GB

United Kingdom

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