Orange, NSW improves work health safety assessments with its Risk Profiling Matrix

Orange's Work, Health and Safety team created a matrix for evaluating potential work risks facing employees and contractors. This tool evaluates each of the council's operational functions and work sites as low, moderate, or high risk. The Risk Profiling Matrix enables smarter decision-making about the frequency and necessity of assignments from a WHS perspective. The council earned ISO45001 accreditation in August 2022 based in part on this project.

Workforce Management+1

Orange, NSW

AU flag


Leeds City Council, GB introduces the first 100% electric bike hire service in the United Kingdom

The Connecting Leeds Transport Strategy seeks affordable and accessible zero-emission transit options. A partnership with Beryl advances this strategy with 300 e-bikes and e-cargo bikes available for hire. Docking stations are placed along highly used routes in the central, south, and northwest areas of Leeds. The first trips on Leeds City Bikes will take place in autumn 2023 with plans for an expanded fleet and additional stations based on demand.


Leeds City Council, GB

GB flag

United Kingdom

Coral Gables, FL integrates ChatGPT into its Artificial Intelligence Digital Assistant chatbot

ChatGPT will automatically update the chatbot algorithm's datasets based on user requests. This means that a local resident seeking information on city services receives the most current information from AIDA. The Coral Gables Innovation and Technology (CGIT) team will focus on a human-centered design for the newest version of AIDA prior to public testing in 2024. CGIT also anticipates the integration of a smarter AIDA with Salesforce for an internal chatbot.


Coral Gables, FL

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United States

Jefferson County, CO accelerates digital innovation and transformation with internship program

The county's Innovation Team recruits college students and early-career professionals for the program. Interns work on digital automation and process improvement projects under the tutelage of experienced supervisors. The initial cohort of Innovation and Digital Transformation interns trialed solutions involving open data, intelligent traffic management, and no-code app development. Jefferson County aims for better public services and local talent retention through the program.

Workforce Management+2

Jefferson County, CO

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United States

Washington, DC collaborates with Aclima on hyperlocal air quality monitoring pilot

Three neighborhoods were selected for mobile air quality monitoring for a two-week period in June 2023. Aclima uses all-electric vehicles equipped with sensors for street-by-street mapping of air pollutants. Data from the vehicles feed into the Aclima Pro platform for localized pollutant concentrations and airflow monitoring. A planned expansion into other neighborhoods will identify environmental inequities ahead of targeted mitigation efforts.

Air Quality+3

Washington, DC

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United States

Helsinki, FI reduces the environmental impacts of events with its carbon footprint calculator

City officials worked with Sitowise on an easy-to-use calculator for event organizers. The calculator asks for user assessments of event impacts in areas like waste, procurement, and transportation. The resulting assessment helps an organizer identify high-emission activities or purchases that aren't essential to event management. Helsinki pursued this tool as part of its five-year plan for carbon-neutral festivals, meetings, and gatherings.

Environmental Services+2

Helsinki, FI

FI flag


Sutter County, CA streamlines the delivery of certified vital records with blockchain technology

Sutter County worked with state legislators on implementing the electronic issuance of records as required by new state law. The Clerk-Recorder's Office was the first in the U.S. to issue birth and death records on the blockchain. Project partner Titan Seal generates a digital hash certifying the authenticity of a document based on a publicly available blockchain record. This system reduces processing times for vital records and streamlines document verification by local and state agencies.

Public Records Management+2

Sutter County, CA

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United States

Harris County, TX ACCESS2Health kiosks diagnose health problems among socially vulnerable residents

Harris County, Amerigroup, and the American Heart Association installed six kiosks in public locations across Precinct 2. Residents use the kiosks for measuring weight, blood pressure, pulse rate, and other vital signs. ACCESS2Health kiosks provide bilingual recommendations for improved health and indicate when hospital visits may be necessary. The kiosks generate data for targeted public health interventions and provide no-cost services to low-income households.


Harris County, TX

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United States

Edmonton, AB creates interactive dashboard for Business Improvement Area economic indicators

City officials previously produced print-only reports following annual surveys of Edmonton's 13 BIAs. The new dashboard visualizes multi-year progress toward BIA goals and compares each BIA to city-level data. Dashboard users find graphs of new business licenses, development permits, and average assessment value dating to at least 2018. Edmonton included BIA business survey results and trend analyses on topics from commute lengths to occupations.

Economic Development+2

Edmonton, AB

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San Francisco, CA takes trauma-informed approach to unhoused residents with HEART pilot

The one-year pilot creates a Homeless Engagement Assistance Response Team (HEART) with project partner Urban Alchemy. HEART members receive extensive training covering topics like naloxone administration, first aid, and de-escalation. The city's Department of Emergency Management deploys HEART for all non-emergency calls to 311 and 911 operators involving unhoused residents. HEART will link each resident with necessary services through city agencies and community service providers.

Health & Human Services+3

San Francisco, CA

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United States

Markham, ON implements online voter registration and ballot verification for municipal elections

Elections Markham sent Voter Information Letters with PINs for online registration in seven languages. This automated system used eSignature technology for verification of applicant eligibility. Once registered, voters had the option to fill out their ballots on a secure online platform. Online voters used the Scytl Verify app to confirm ballot receipt and accuracy within 30 minutes of voting. Scytl Verify searches for digital signatures on ballots that are removed once canvassing begins.

Citizen Services+2

Markham, ON

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Chilliwack, BC rewards water conservation efforts by households with its Ugliest Lawn Contest

Local officials found lawn watering accounted for 30% of all water use in summer, placing a strain on the Sardis-Vedder Aquifer. The three-month Ugliest Lawn Contest asks property owners within city limits to maintain their lawns without water. Residents email photos of their unwatered lawns or alternatives like vegetable and rock gardens as proof of participation. Visa gift cards worth CAD 50, CAD 100, and CAD 150 will be awarded to the most creative or effective projects.


Chilliwack, BC

CA flag


Saratoga County, NY EMT Career Pathways Program anticipates future emergency personnel needs

The county's Workforce Development team recruited students from Shenendehowa High School for EMT training. Participants completed 140 hours of classroom learning at Hudson Valley Community College. The EMT Career Pathways Program trial also required 10 ride-alongs with Clifton Park-Halfmoon EMS personnel. Graduates of the program earned seven college credits and qualified for the New York State EMS Exam needed for licensure.

Workforce Management+3

Saratoga County, NY

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United States

Regensburg Stadt, BY and Zeus respond to community feedback with wireless e-scooter charging pilot

Regensburg identified availability and sustainability as keys to public use of micro-mobility in a 2021 study. Municipal officials worked with Zeus on installing three Zolar stations at heavily used transit stops. The Zolar station uses 100% solar energy and wireless charging technology for quick recharges. Zeus will also incorporate its Z2 e-scooter into the local fleet, thus improving user experiences through longer battery life and smoother travel on cobblestone streets.


Regensburg Stadt, BY

DE flag


Sault Ste. Marie, ON improves public transit accessibility with BlindSquare Event mobile app

Sault Transit and CNIB Frontier Accessibility tested the mobile app during a pilot on two bus routes. BlindSquare Event determines the user's proximity to activated bus stops using real-time GPS data. The app provides audio alerts for nearby bus stops and upcoming bus arrivals. Sault Ste. Marie expanded BlindSquare Event's use to all seven routes, making it the first Canadian city to use the platform on its entire transit system.


Sault Ste. Marie, ON

CA flag


Oakland, CA relies on artificial intelligence for early wildlfire detections during N5 Sensors pilot

Ten ChemNodes installed throughout the city gather data on air quality, particulates, and temperature. An AI-enabled platform evaluates potential threats up to two miles away and alerts the Oakland Fire Department of wildfires by text or email. ChemNodes don't require direct cellular connections and store enough solar energy for up to 10 days of operation. The two-year pilot will test response times during fires while gathering data for targeted fire prevention measures.


Oakland, CA

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United States

Wake County, NC Lease 2 Home initiative creates incentives for expanded affordable housing options

Wake County built a Lease 2 Home app in-house for streamlined housing matches. Social service providers work with housing-insecure residents on finding available housing through the app. The county's Landlord Engagement Unit (LEU) recruited housing providers with incentives including $500 per signed lease and $1,000 for damages beyond security deposits. County officials hope for 50 participating landlords and 300 new affordable units in Lease 2 Home's first year.

Mobile App+2

Wake County, NC

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United States

St. Louis County, MO Tap In Center guides residents through the criminal justice system

Residents with warrants and court orders speak with an attorney during weekly sessions at a county library branch. Free consultations provide information on legal processes, case progress, and applying for public defenders. The Tap In Center connects participants to court date alerts, transportation, and social services through the Bail Project. This service reduces pre-trial detention and obstacles to fair trials for residents with minimal financial resources.

Public Safety+3

St. Louis County, MO

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United States

Cupertino, CA ARTour mobile app uses augmented reality for interactive tours of public art works

The mobile app was designed by an in-house team for artworks in public places and historical sites. A robot avatar named Cooper encourages walking tours of Cupertino using a conversational style. ARTour users point their phones at tagged works for information about the meaning behind public art and the city's history. The ARTour experience is available in English, Hindi, and Mandarin with facts conveyed by audio or text.

Parks and Recreation+2

Cupertino, CA

US flag

United States

Essex County Council, GB pursues Climate Action Plan goals with Carbon Cutting Essex mobile app

Essex County Council worked with Greenredeem on a free tool for residents to reduce their environmental impacts. Carbon Cutting Essex contains instructional videos on eco-friendly activities, pledges to change behaviors, and quizzes about climate change. Users earn points by completing activities with points redeemable for entries into prize drawings or charitable donations. The mobile app fits into a £200 million plan that includes solar, flood resiliency, and housing retrofit initiatives.


Essex County Council, GB

GB flag

United Kingdom

Lancashire County Council, GB assesses tree health with an arborsonic tree decay detector

Council officials estimate trees at approximately one-third of county-managed highway sections. The £12,000 detector minimizes the need for time-intensive inspections through soundwave technology. Soundwaves sent through a tree identify hollow and rotten spots, resulting in a 3D map of the tree's interior. Each scan takes less than 10 minutes and enables accurate tracking of tree health over multiple scans. The county preserves healthy trees and reduces felling costs with the detector.

Parks and Recreation+2

Lancashire County Council, GB

GB flag

United Kingdom

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