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São Luís, MA converts litter-ridden public lots into green spaces with Ponto Limpo program

A litter hotspot in the Caratatiua area was cleared by the city's waste collection team. Construction fill and organic fertilizer from the Ribeira Environmental Center were applied to the soil. New grass, plants, and signage discourage future littering by educating the public about the benefits of green spaces. City officials will convert 42 medians and roadside lots with frequent litter complaints into clean spots.

Public Works+2

São Luís, MA


Sønderborg, DK eases the transition for new arrivals with Tilflytterservice Sønderborg program

The program assists partners of newly arrived workers with their job search. An employment expert reviews the participant's resume and recommends local employers as well as skills training courses. A dedicated program portal contains resources like local phrases, a coupon book from area businesses, and utility contacts. Tilflytterservice Sønderborg hosts a monthly welcome event called CaféNy along with a Relocation Network for first-time residents.

Citizen Services+3

Sønderborg, DK


Firenze [Florence], TOS designs Eye of the Smart City app for accessible navigation

L'applicazione Occhio della città intelligente - or The Eye of the Smart City app - provides detailed navigation of popular destinations. The app uses maps and voice commands to direct users to features like bus stops and Wi-Fi hotspots. City designers and the University of Florence made the app customizable for visual impairments and foreign language translation. Eye of the Smart City includes itineraries created by local organizations for monument walks honoring Dante Alighieri.


Firenze [Florence], TOS


Newport City Council, GB adds the first electric refuse collection truck in Wales

The Dennis Eagle eCollect combines advanced telematics technology with enough range for a full day of collections. The truck's batteries and components are designed to last as long as a diesel-powered truck. Council officials plan a citywide deployment of the eCollect with an early focus on neighborhoods with air quality issues. The shared investment by Newport City Council and the Welsh government reduces local emissions by up to 35 tons per year.

Waste Management+2

Newport City Council, GB

United Kingdom

Bracknell Forest Council, GB recruits local schools for Eco Rewards sustainable travel pilot

Participating schools encourage their students to walk, cycle, and take shared transport as part of the program. Each student records their trip via online form or swiping their smart tag at an Eco Rewards station. Recorded trips can be used as entries into prize drawings or pooled for school competitions. Council leaders and school administrators are tracking Eco Rewards check-ins to determine the pilot's impact on carbon emissions from transportation.


Bracknell Forest Council, GB

United Kingdom

Tacoma, WA improves the health of homeless residents with Hygiene Station Pilot

Public health officials worked with a private lot owner on a one-month station pilot at South 8th and Yakima Street. Two additional locations will be operated by the city for an additional three months. Each station includes portable toilets, dumpsters, and mobile sinks for handwashing. On-site evaluations during daytime hours identify homeless residents in need of additional services. The pilot addresses health threats to the unhoused including the spread of COVID-19.

Pilot / POC+3

Tacoma, WA

United States

Darwin, NT shepherds organizations toward responsible use of AI with AI Quick Start Guide

The guide rates an organization's readiness for the ethical and practical use of artificial intelligence. A 16-question assessment of the participating group reviews organizational structure, goals, and current technology use. The 22-question dataset and model assessment determines how an AI integration balances data accuracy with bias mitigation. Completed surveys lead to a 0-100 score from Aspiring to Leader along with recommendations for effective AI use.


Darwin, NT


Sønderborg, DK tests an AI-enabled system for assistive technology requests

Municipal officials received a 3.2 million Danish krone grant to fund a pilot of application reviews by artificial intelligence. Sønderborg handles 5,000 requests per year for equipment addressing conditions including diabetes and dementia. The pilot tests how well AI technology reviews medical documentation and prioritizes cases based on condition. The selected platform will give proper weight to the unique nature of each request without additional staff time.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)+3

Sønderborg, DK


Alkmaar, NH collaborates with local organizations on the "Every Child a Bicycle" initiative

The Municipality of Alkmaar is collaborating with the Share2Day Foundation and RataPlan on the local "Every Child a Bicycle" initiative. The current phase of the project will donate 60 bicycles to children from families that cannot afford to purchase one themselves. The municipality collects the donated bicycles, Rata Plan refurbishes the bicycles, and the Share2Day Foundation covers the costs.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+2

Alkmaar, NH


Salerno, CAM launched a scam awareness campaign to protect the elderly from being targeted

The Municipality of Salerno partnered with the Prefecture of Salerno, Salerno5 Area Area Plan, and Salerno Solidale SpA to launch an awareness campaign for scams targeting the elderly. The "No to Scams" campaign promotes preventing the victimization of the elderly by informing the public of scams. Residents can contact a toll-free number (800-566-678) to report suspicions of scams.

Citizen Services+3

Salerno, CAM


Münster, NW uses the Luca mobile app to quickly track COVID-19 infection chains

The City of Münster is partnering with the providers of the Luca app to enable a digital solution for COVID-19 contact tracing that can quickly track infection chains. The free Luca mobile app will allow shops, restaurants, cultural events, and private meetings to conduct digital check-ins and check-outs. In the event of a coronavirus infection, the Luca app will guarantee a secure and encrypted reporting chain to the health authorities.

Public Safety+3

Münster, NW


Münster, NW is using resident-submitted tracking mobile data to develop a cycling path network

The City of Münster launched a tracking campaign for cycling paths on its new MoVe online portal. The city is encouraging cyclists to use the Naviki mobile app to record their daily journeys. The results will be used to inform the development of a local cycle path network expansion. The degree of optimization will depend on the amount of cycling data collected and submitted by residents during the campaign.


Münster, NW


Manaus, AM tracks municipal employee health during COVID-19 with Info Saúde mobile app

Employees at the Municipal Secretariat for Labor, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Semtepi) tested Info Saúde during a one-month pilot. Info Saúde presents a 15-question assessment designed by medical experts to app users. Semtepi employees received customized recommendations based on their responses while supervisors tracked employee wellbeing through weekly reports. The initial pilot allowed Manaus and the Sidia Institute to refine the app for use by all city employees.

Pilot / POC+4

Manaus, AM


The Hills Shire, NSW conducts first-in-Australia apartment complex worm farm pilot

Twenty apartments in North Kellyville dispose of their food waste in an underground worm farm. The castings produced by the farm condition soil in a shared garden along with individual gardens. A volunteer building champion organizes fellow participants and educates their neighbors. Shire officials approved the three-month pilot in response to a recent shift from homeownership to renting. This trial fits into council waste initiatives including discounted composting bins.

Pilot / POC+2

The Hills Shire, NSW


Townsville, QLD opens pipeline from local universities to public service with mentoring program

An initial cohort of 12 university graduates will spend two years working with council mentors. Participants will learn the ins and outs of public IT, engineering, and environmental health careers during their first year. The program's second year focuses on community projects that address pressing needs. Townsville will evaluate talent shortages after the program's 2022 kickoff to customize tracks for future participants.

Workforce Management+1

Townsville, QLD


Recife, PE boosts small businesses during the pandemic with the Income by App program

City officials randomly drew 500 recipients for Rendo por App - or Income by App - kits. Each kit included a bicycle, a helmet, and a smartphone with a data plan. Recipients including couriers, home-based businesses, and contractors use free equipment to earn income in a struggling economy. The Income by App initiative is part of a citywide poverty reduction program that includes entrepreneurship courses and a reimbursement program for job-related travel.

Economic Development+3

Recife, PE


Alphen aan den Rijn, ZH is using the HulpApp to help anonymous victims of domestic violence

The Municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn is using the HulpApp to help victims of domestic violence and child abuse quickly and anonymously find help. The mobile app provides residents with resources including references to assistance organizations, a direct link to 112 for emergencies, and contact information for community police officers.

Citizen Services+4

Alphen aan den Rijn, ZH


Bridgend County Borough Council, GB Outdoor Improvements COVID-19 Recovery Fund for businesses

Bridgend County Borough Council created the "Outdoor Improvements Covid-19 Recovery Fund" to support local businesses during the pandemic. The Council invited business owners with commercial property to apply for grants of up to £10,000 to make outdoor adaptations which enable social distancing. The grant provides up to 80% of the funding necessary for created external areas which allow customers to safely congregate, relax, eat, or drink.

Facilities & Infrastructure+3

Bridgend County Borough Council, GB

United Kingdom

Reggio nell'Emilia, EMI installed new bicycles that prevent theft to encourage sustainable travel

The Municipality of Reggio nell'Emilia invested €70,000 installing new bicycle racks to increase vehicle safety and prevent bicycle theft. The new racks are battery-powered and arched to make it easy for cyclists to attach the frame of the vehicle to the structure and difficult to steal. The municipality made the investment to encourage residents to use bicycles as a sustainable transportation alterative during daily commuting.


Reggio nell'Emilia, EMI


Alphen aan den Rijn, ZH partnered with Meld Misdaad Anoniem for anonymous crime reporting

The Municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn partnered with Meld Misdaad Anoniem (MMA) to increase public safety with anonymous reporting. Residents can use the MMA online platform to anonymously report information on crime, corruption, and fraud. The partnership allows the municipality to receive the same direct signals about crime and fraud provided to the police and judiciary.


Alphen aan den Rijn, ZH


Alphen aan den Rijn, ZH created themed park routes with QR codes to teach visitors about plants

The Municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn created themed routes in Park Zegersloot that use QR codes to engage visitors. By scanning the QR codes with a smartphone visitors learn about the various fauna and flora on the park routes. The "edible" route helps visitors discover fruits and edible parts of the trees, the "climate" route teaches visitors about resilient plant species that help the environment, and the "bee" route showcases sources of nectar and pollen.

Parks and Recreation+2

Alphen aan den Rijn, ZH


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