Podcast Ep. 71: Siddy Holloway, London Transport Museum

In this episode, Olivia is joined by Siddy Holloway who is Hidden London Engagement Manager for London Transport Museum and presenter of Secrets of the London Underground. She details how London is sharing its public transit stories and highlighting the topic of mobility.

Transport for London promotes public transit use with creative storytelling


Siddy Holloway's work is centered around getting the public engaged in mobility through various forms of creative storytelling. With London being home to the world’s oldest underground transit network there is a lot of history and knowledge to reveal. Learn more about how London is sharing its public transit stories and how you may be able to engage with your community on the topic of mobility.

Featured government: Transport for London (Transport Authority for the city of London, UK)

Episode guests: Siddy Holloway, Engagement Manager at the London Transport Museum and co-presenter of UKTV's 'Secrets of the London Underground'

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