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Health & Human Services


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Tacoma, WA improves the health of homeless residents with Hygiene Station Pilot

Public health officials worked with a private lot owner on a one-month station pilot at South 8th and Yakima Street. Two additional locations will be operated by the city for an additional three months. Each station includes portable toilets, dumpsters, and mobile sinks for handwashing. On-site evaluations during daytime hours identify homeless residents in need of additional services. The pilot addresses health threats to the unhoused including the spread of COVID-19.

Health & Human Services+3

Tacoma, WA

United States

Sønderborg, DK tests an AI-enabled system for assistive technology requests

Municipal officials received a 3.2 million Danish krone grant to fund a pilot of application reviews by artificial intelligence. Sønderborg handles 5,000 requests per year for equipment addressing conditions including diabetes and dementia. The pilot tests how well AI technology reviews medical documentation and prioritizes cases based on condition. The selected platform will give proper weight to the unique nature of each request without additional staff time.

Health & Human Services+3

Sønderborg, DK


Manaus, AM tracks municipal employee health during COVID-19 with Info Saúde mobile app

Employees at the Municipal Secretariat for Labor, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Semtepi) tested Info Saúde during a one-month pilot. Info Saúde presents a 15-question assessment designed by medical experts to app users. Semtepi employees received customized recommendations based on their responses while supervisors tracked employee wellbeing through weekly reports. The initial pilot allowed Manaus and the Sidia Institute to refine the app for use by all city employees.

Health & Human Services+4

Manaus, AM


Alphen aan den Rijn, ZH is using the HulpApp to help anonymous victims of domestic violence

The Municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn is using the HulpApp to help victims of domestic violence and child abuse quickly and anonymously find help. The mobile app provides residents with resources including references to assistance organizations, a direct link to 112 for emergencies, and contact information for community police officers.

Health & Human Services+4

Alphen aan den Rijn, ZH


Basildon Borough Council, GB adopts GetVolunteering app for COVID-19 befriending service

Borough officials worked with Novoville to customize the company's app for the Our Community Befriending Service. Socially isolated residents are automatically connected to volunteers based on requester location, needs, and interests. GetVolunteering logs befriending team activities including social calls, grocery deliveries, and food bank service. The app allows volunteers to alert the borough to residents with worsening health conditions for service referrals.

Health & Human Services+3

Basildon Borough Council, GB

United Kingdom

Newark, NJ recruits homeless residents averse to existing shelters for Hope Village pilot

A community of seven converted shipping containers holds up to 24 residents during the three-month pilot. Outreach teams survey unhoused residents to identify those who aren't typically served by shelters. Newark Hope Village features private rooms and bathrooms along with a multipurpose area. On-site social service teams evaluate short-term health needs while identifying paths to permanent housing starting with vouchers from the Newark Housing Authority.

Health & Human Services+3

Newark, NJ

United States

Belo Horizonte, MG launched a training workshop to improve direct service to migrants and refugees

The City of Belo Horizonte partnered with the UN Refugee Agency, International Organization for Migration, and the Ministry of Citizenship to launch the "Introduction to Assistance to Refugees and Migrants" virtual workshop. The workshop provided training to over 200 municipal employees to support them in serving the migrant and refugee population. The workshop was designed to improve direct service in strategic sectors linked to social assistance, food security, and citizenship.

Health & Human Services+3

Belo Horizonte, MG


Fortaleza, CE creates CPDrogas telephone service to ease resident struggles with drug dependencies

Municipal officials introduced this free phone service for residents at risk for relapses or worsening addictions due to social isolation. The CPDrogas team is staffed by nurses, psychologists, and social workers who evaluate a caller's current condition. Struggling residents are referred to medical care and specialists based on extensive interviews. Each participant receives follow-up calls from CPDrogas to check their condition and provide additional assistance.

Health & Human Services+3

Fortaleza, CE


Hertfordshire County Council, GB lifts homeless resident prospects with supportive housing pilot

A four-bedroom property from B3 Living will house homeless residents in need of comprehensive services. County officials contracted Emerging Futures to provide around-the-clock services for four residents at a time. The support staff will create customized care plans for residents with mental health and addiction issues that work toward independent living. Broxbourne was selected for this one-year pilot due to a gap in social services for unhoused people.

Health & Human Services+2

Hertfordshire County Council, GB

United Kingdom


Broxbourne Borough Council, GB

United Kingdom

Kent County Council, GB assists isolated seniors with social prescribing pilot

Senior residents in four pilot wards work with Community Connectors to find activities that ease social isolation. Each one-on-one consultation evaluates the resident's mental and physical health along with their personal goals. Participants are referred to social activities, community groups, and skill-building activities in their wards. This free program focuses on areas of health and wellbeing often unaddressed during medical consultations.

Health & Human Services+2

Kent County Council, GB

United Kingdom

Vancouver, BC tracks progress toward public health goals with Healthy City Dashboard

City officials worked with the Partnership for Healthy Cities on the open data portal. The dashboard tracks citywide progress toward 12 public health goals like A Home For Everyone and Lifelong Learning. Twenty-three metrics including monthly costs for nutritious food and library program participants are rated Monitoring, Needs Improving, or Meets Target. Future plans for the Healthy City Dashboard include neighborhood-level benchmarks and data on indigenous communities.

Health & Human Services+2

Vancouver, BC


Manchester City Council, GB follows missed calls on COVID-19 tests with volunteer messenger visits

Manchester partnered with local nonprofit 4CT to reach residents who tested positive for COVID-19 but did not return initial calls. Messengers delivered letters with follow-up instructions and public health contacts. Volunteers returned to speak directly with residents if they were not immediately available. This service recommends local food, medical, and social services to isolated residents.

Health & Human Services+3

Manchester City Council, GB

United Kingdom

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