Beaver Creek CSO Abatement and Flood Mitigation Program

The city implemented a smart infrastructure network that uses a continuous monitoring and adaptive control platform to proactively predict and manage wet weather flows. This project re-establishes natural floodplain storage and reconnects communities on the water.

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AlbanyCity in New York
Lindsay PicaCo-Founder
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Albany Partners with NYPA for 10,800 LED Streetlights

The City of Albany announced a major partnership with the NY Power Authority in June to replace nearly 11,000 streetlights with energy-efficient LEDs. The deal will save Albany taxpayers over $3.3 million annually and reduce GHG by more than 600 cars worth. Costs are $20 million.

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Dahlia Affordable Housing Portal

This project fromt the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development provides an online location for listings and applications for all affordable rental opportunities funded or overseen by the city. This program replaces the previous system of affordable rental lotteries.

Smart Fusion Pole

Huntington Beach is the first city in the U.S. to install smart fusion poles, which combine high capacity mobile connectivity, high quality LED lighting, and smart city enablement into one structure, improving efficiency and aesthetics and bringing additional benefits.

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