Los Angeles Open Data

In Progress

Los Angeles Open Data increases transparency by providing public access to 1,041 city datasets. This project also includes the GeoHub for downloading location-based data, the Open Budget for comparing budget proposals, and the Mayor's Dashboard for tracking performance metrics.

Open DataTransparencyGIS MappingBenchmarking/Performance Management
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City Governments Making Public Data Easier To Get: 90 Municipal Open Data Portals
In the past decade, dozens of American cities have established open data portals, making it easier for the public to obtain information about government activity.
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Property Panel: Mapping of Publicly-Owned Proprerties

The city has used Esri's Story Maps software to improve their online map of approximately 14,000 local government-owned properties. This user-friendly and narrative-driven interface also indexes properties and can be sorted by political district, neighborhood, owner, etc.

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