NYC Benefits Screening API

Create modern web applications that evaluate household data against eligibility rules for 31 different City, State, and Federal benefits programs (including SNAP, Cash Assistance, WIC, HEAP, and more).

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Upgraded Election Technology: Promoting Early Voting in NYC

The city's Board of Elections introduced electronic poll books as part of its first foray into early voting in 2019. Voters were also sent ID cards by mail that can be scanned by poll workers to retrieve details of their registration.

NYC OpenData

NYC OpenData is a collaboration between the Mayor's Office of Data Analytics and the Department of Information Technology designed to engage New Yorkers in the information that is produced and used by city government. This project contains 1,950 datsets related to city matters.

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Raleigh, NC launched a successful bike-share subscription program

Raleigh launched a bike-share program where residents can purchase a subscription service to ride as much as they please. Most of the bikes are equipped with an electric-assist motor that gives riders an extra boost when needed.

Seminole County, FL provides addiction treatment for inmates

Seminole County has a separate area in their jail for inmates with addiction problems, allowing inmates to receive proper care. The county also ensures that inmates will be sent to a long-term rehabilitation center before they are released.

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