Pawtucket, RI is improving safety in low-speed areas with traffic cameras and awareness programs

In Progress

This program uses cameras stationed at 15 intersections and nine public schools to ticket motorists running red lights or exceeding speed limits. The city's months-long awareness campaign included public appearances by school mascots and mailed warnings for violations.

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Traffic Camera Safety Program to Begin August 28, 2019 | City Of Pawtucket11
City of Pawtucket
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London Borough of Hackney, GB instituted Ultra Low Emission Vehicle streets to improve air quality

The designated ULEV streets are enforced during weekday morning and afternoon commutes. Vehicles powered by gas or diesel along with early-model hybrids are captured on camera and issued fines. Borough officials define ULEVs as vehicles that can operate without emissions for at least 10 miles. Business owners and residents who require access during ULEV periods can use discounted taxi and delivery options from the Zero Emissions Network.

Joondalup, WA tested a recycled road surface as part of landfill diversion efforts

A stretch of Arnisdale Road from Portree Reserve to Glengarry Park was repaved with Reconophalt. This project used more than 200,000 plastic bags along with printer toner, recycled asphalt, and scrapped rubber otherwise headed to the landfill. Joondalup became one of the first governments in the region to pursue sustainable paving practices. The Reconophalt project contributes to Western Australia's goal of diverting 65% of landfill waste by 2020.

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