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Penrith, NSW installs a Climate Adapted People Shelter to improve commuter comfort

Penrith, NSW Climate Adapted People Shelter


The city worked with MM Creative to implement the latter's winning idea from a regional CAPS competition. The transit shelter on Derby Street features a sizable insulated roof to better control temperatures. MM Creative designed its CAPS with adjustable lighting, seats, and ventilation for customized experiences. Penrith also has opportunities to easily add transit card readers, solar panels, and Wi-Fi.

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Penrith, NSW




Penrith CAPS Summary




Penrith bus shelter beats the heat - WSROC

A new bus shelter has been installed on Derby Street, Kingswood - a Climate Adapted People Shelter (CAPS). 

Project Succeeded

The city found a 4-degree Celsius decrease in average CAPS temperatures compared to traditional transit shelters.

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