Pittsburgh, PA expands ShotSpotter coverage following successful testing


Pittsburgh is expanding their ShotSpotter coverage by 15 square miles after successful testing. This gunshot monitoring system has quadrupled the number of gunfire notifications in local neighborhoods and improved police response times.

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Since January 2015, ShotSpotter has detected 2,399 incidents of gunfire in the Zone 5 neighborhoods it spans, including 1,294 alerts for multiple gunshots, 843 for a single gunshot and 262 for possible gunshots.

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An advanced system of sensors, algorithms and artificial intelligence to detect, locate, and alert police to gunfire.
The Leader in Gunshot Detection, Location, and Forensic Analysis
Pittsburgh's ShotSpotter drives up gunfire reports in East End | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette11
Only about 20 to 25 percent of ShotSpotter alerts for gunfire are accompanied by a 911 call reporting shots fired, Mayor Bill Peduto said.
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