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Sacramento, CA empowers renters and single-family home owners with XeroHome energy estimator

Sacramento, CA XeroHome Renters Home Owners Energy


Sacramento residents begin their XeroHome experience by entering their addresses. The first screen shows square footage, year built, and utility rates with an edit button in case of outdated information. XeroHome users are asked about their heating, cooling, and water heating methods. The estimated carbon footprint is divided into emission sources and compared to similarly sized homes. This tool projects carbon emissions and cost savings from available upgrades or retrofits.


Sacramento, CA

Municipality in California

US flag

United States


Xero home app

A Quasar Project



City launches new online tool to help residents identify cost-friendly energy-efficiency upgrades - City Express

The City of Sacramento has launched a new online tool that can help single family homeowners and renters learn how to reduce their home’s energy bill and carbon footprint. The City and Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) have partnered with Xerohome to launch the new website for those located in the city of Sacramento. The […]


Smart Cities World - Residential buildings - Sacramento launches online retrofit tool for residents

City of Sacramento has launched an online tool to help residents learn how to reduce their energy bill and carbon footprint and support climate action plans

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