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Delivers timely, objective and transparent analytics on a global scale using multiple sources of geospatial data and artificial intelligence

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Orbital Insight GO ingests, interprets and analyzes petabytes geospatial data including electro-optical (EO) satellite imagery, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), AIS, and geolocation signals. The GO platform applies proprietary data science and computer vision algorithms to contextualize raw data into actionable information allowing investors, corporates and governments to mitigate risk and spot opportunities near real-time.


  • Access daily foot traffic and key demographic trends, anonymously aggregated from billions of cell phone geolocation “pings.”

  • Classify and detect land use changes near real-time.

  • Translate petabytes of raw imagery from multiple remote sensing platforms into automated geospatial intelligence.

  • Orbital Insight GO’s computer vision and machine learning algorithms create baseline pattern-of-life analyses and alerts customers of anomalies.

  • GO equips customers with daily foot traffic measurements to create actionable signals for their fundamental and quantitative analyses.

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Orbital Insight

Founded in 2013

A Geospatial Big Data company leveraging the rapidly growing availability of satellite, UAV, and other geospatial data sources, to understand and characterize socio-economic trends at global, regional, and hyper-local scales.

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