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Boulder, CO assists local businesses with switch to reusable containers through incentive program

Boulder, CO Local Businesses Reusable Containers Incentive

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City officials and Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE) are overseeing incentives for the replacement of single-use items. Successful applicants receive refunds of up to $2,000 or 70% of costs for eligible upgrades. The program reduces the costs of adding dishwashers, returnable takeout containers, and upgraded dishware. Boulder is collaborating with DeliverZero and r.Cup on supplying reusable items to participating eateries and entertainment venues.


Boulder, CO

Municipality in Colorado

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United States


Reusables Incentive Application: City of Boulder

The City of Boulder has partnered with PACE to offer incentives to businesses interested in reducing single use items. This incentive will help cover some of the up front costs of setting up reusable solutions. Please fill in the application below to apply for the incentive (note: the more details you provide the more likely you will have a successful application). Incentives will cover up to 70% of total project costs and will not exceed $2,000. Applications will be reviewed on bi-weekly basis and funds awarded to solutions that make a case for effectively reducing single use items. Projects need to be pre approved to receive funding. A check will be sent to refund successful applicants only with proof of purchase. Funding for this program is limited.

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