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Burlington, ON evaluates beneficial soil conditions for tree transplants with Young Tree Pilot Study

Burlington, ON Young Tree Pilot Study Transplants Soil

In Progress

Burlington added bacteria and Mycorrhizal fungi to the soil at tree transplant sites on Tremineer Avenue and Juniper Avenue. These naturally occurring additives support root recovery after plantings. A three-year study with Lallemand Plant Care and Vineland Research Institute will determine if the smaller trees benefit from new soil conditions. If successful, the pilot creates a blueprint for cost-efficient canopy development through reduced transplant shock.


Burlington, ON

City in Ontario

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Young Tree Pilot Study - City of Burlington

Burlington’s Forestry section is partnering with Vineland Research Institute and Lallemand Inc. on a three-year study that assesses the beneficial effects of fungi and bacteria that are added to the soil of transplanted young trees.

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