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Redland, QLD improves mosquito eradication efforts in wetlands with drone spraying pilot

Redland, QLD Drone Spraying Mosquito Eradication Pilot

In Progress

The six-month pilot eliminates mosquito larvae in four wetland areas with Proagco drones. A fleet of mapping drones identified breeding areas for targeted efforts by delivery drones. Redland uses a chemical mixture that kills larvae without harmful effects on people and surrounding wildlife. Drones makes it easier to prevent infestations in secluded areas from reaching the community. The council also reduces costs accrued during on-the-ground and helicopter campaigns.

Parks and RecreationEnvironmental ServicesUnmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones)Pilot / POC

Redland, QLD

City in Queensland




Trailblazing drones trial to beat mozzies and protect environment | Redland City Council News

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