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Winnipeg, MB pilots more accessible street parking signage in Exchange District

Winnipeg, MB Exchange District Parking Signage Pilot

In Progress

The pilot places new and existing signage side by side on three streets in the district. Newly designed signs use color-coded formats that visualize daily and hourly parking restrictions. QR codes allow commuters to scan and submit surveys with their thoughts on potential signage changes. Winnipeg will use this feedback in determining if the pilot should move into a second stage where old signs are replaced in targeted areas.

Parking SolutionsAccessibilityPilot / POC

Winnipeg, MB

City in Manitoba




Pilot project looks to improve readability of parking signs in Exchange District | CTV News

The city is hoping a new pilot project will help Winnipeggers understand when and where they can park.


June 7, 2021 - Media releases - City of Winnipeg

City releases Financial Status and Forecast Report to March 31, 2021; City begins piloting new parking guides

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