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Oxfordshire County Council, GB GigaHubs Project expands broadband access to public facilities

The project plans full-fiber broadband at 200 council buildings including leisure centers, libraries, and fire stations. Neos Networks and its subcontractors were selected for the project's completion by the end of 2023. Oxfordshire County Council and the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) provided funding for this project. This is the first DCMS effort of its type and a model for the department's goal of 85% national gigabit connectivity by 2025.

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Oxfordshire County Council, GB

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United Kingdom

Rushmoor Borough Council, GB works with other councils on digital licensing system for taxi drivers

The borough's existing process requires considerable personnel time on calls and emails with licensees. Rushmoor received £138,150 from the Local Digital Fund for a shared pilot with Hart District Council, North Tyneside Council, and Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council. Partner councils will identify areas of alignment in licensing as they create a digital system for licensing applications and renewals. This pilot will evaluate improvements to applicant experiences and license enforcement.

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Rushmoor Borough Council, GB

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United Kingdom


North Tyneside Council, GB

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United Kingdom


Cumbria County Council, GB assists vulnerable residents during emergencies with VIPER

VIPER - Vulnerable Indicators for Properties in Emergency Response - was built by the council on the low-code Liberty Create platform. This system uses social care, utilities, and other data to identify vulnerable households in the county. First responders from local and regional councils consult VIPER for targeted responses during emergency situations. Cumbria County Council received £139,000 from the Local Digital Fund to expand VIPER's capabilities and reach.

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Cumbria County Council, GB

GB flag

United Kingdom

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, GB develops digital tool for improved patient management

Stockport, Manchester City Council, and Oldham Council are working on a new platform for easing the transition from hospitals to at-home care. The tool provides step-by-step tracking of a patient's check-in, treatments, and discharge from partner organizations. Healthcare providers receive alerts when their patients face obstacles. An £82,000 award from The Local Digital Fund supports the councils' efforts at increased hospital capacity and information sharing.

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Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, GB

GB flag

United Kingdom


Manchester City Council, GB

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United Kingdom


Orillia, ON introduces Innovation Collective pilot for local business growth and collaboration

City officials approved the three-year pilot in response to the lingering effects of the pandemic on the local economy. The Innovation Collective will identify roadblocks to business growth and opportunities for streamlined city processes. An operating committee of city, university, and industry experts will design collaborative resources and events for emerging businesses. Orillia used a CAD 150,000 provincial grant to fund the Innovation Collective.

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Orillia, ON

CA flag


Stirling, WA expedites residential development applications with its Fast Track assessment process

Stirling Fast Track reduces paperwork for a majority of residential development applications. This seven-step process applies to 12 development types including single-family homes, garages, and patios. Planning staff provides advice on expedited reviews during pre-lodgement reviews. An online tool helps applicants determine potential snags in their paperwork early in the process. Eligible applications without the need for outside agency review are evaluated within 28 days of pre-lodgement.

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Stirling, WA

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Bochum, NW streamlines citizen interactions with city departments using Speed Capture Kiosk

City officials installed the Speed Identity product at its Bürgerbüro Mitte or Citizens' Registration Office. Visitors step up to the kiosk and adjust the interface based on their height. LED lighting and a high-definition camera ensure clear photos for department use. A signature pad and fingerprint reader gather additional biometric data. Captured data are saved for up to two weeks and shared across municipal offices for confirmation of residency.

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Bochum, NW

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Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council, GB advances digital transformation with Agilisys collaboration

The seven-year contract with Agilisys shifts Bolton from physical IT infrastructure to cloud-based digital services. This shift improves collaboration and communication between council departments limited by previous methods. Council teams will be able to develop easy-to-use and streamlined processes for communicating with the public. Bolton's partnership with Agilisys enables advancements in assistive technology, online applications, and other areas in the Digital Bolton strategy.

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Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council, GB

GB flag

United Kingdom

City of Cape Town, WC attracts innovative minds to public service with Digital Internship Programme

Cape Town recruited 13 recent graduates in STEM, business, and human resources fields from local universities. The Digital Internship Programme pays interns for their work on service delivery improvements over a two-year period. Participants learn about the ins and outs of city operations from experienced mentors and build experience for future employment. The initiative opens a pipeline for new talent as part of Cape Town's 10-year digital transformation effort.

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City of Cape Town, WC

ZA flag

South Africa

Powys County Council, GB builds AI-enabled system for expedited Fuel Support Scheme reviews

The council's developers spent a year designing a platform for automated reviews of local applications to the national support program. Applicants meeting all of the scheme's criteria received automatic approvals from the system. Duplicate applications were filtered out by AI, while potentially fraudulent applications were sent for council review. Residents benefitted from an easy-to-use application for £200 payments, while the council saved money on administration costs.

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Powys County Council, GB

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United Kingdom

Barcelona, CT envisions digitally inclusive future for all residents with Connectem Barcelona pilot

Connectem Barcelona - Barcelona Connects - was a one-year connectivity pilot in the Trinitat Nova neighborhood. Half of the 348 participants received devices and reliable Internet, while the other half also received training from IT experts. City officials recruited 30 nonprofits and businesses as partners in closing the digital divide for participants. This program addresses a lack of digital skills and knowledge identified in a 2020 citywide survey.

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Barcelona, CT

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Nillumbik, VIC locates mobile and Internet connectivity weak points with engagement campaign

The two-month campaign used an interactive map and survey to gather resident experiences with connectivity issues. The interactive map supported location-specific markers with indicators of weak Internet or mobile phone service. A short survey asked respondents about their locations, primary connectivity usage, and the impacts of poor service. Shire officials will rely on data from the campaign when lobbying state and federal officials for infrastructure upgrades.

Digital Services+4

Nillumbik, VIC

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