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Economic Development


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Rochester, MN is providing new construction career pathways for BIPOC women

The City of Rochester is providing new construction career pathways in response to the job losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pathways focus on education, training, hiring, and work culture interventions for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) women. The initiative is designed to support economic mobility for BIPOC women through careers in all phases of the construction industry. For this proposal, Rochester was named a finalist in the 2021 Global Mayors Challenge.

Economic Development+3

Rochester, MN

United States

Akron, OH launches the Targeted Help for Resilient Innovative Entrepreneurs (THRIVE) program

The City of Akron is launching the Targeted Help for Resilient Innovative Entrepreneurs (THRIVE) program to grow local Black-owned businesses. The THRIVE program will use a unique "medical rounds" approach that pairs entrepreneurs with a THRIVE Entrepreneurship Pathway Advisor (TEPA) to guide them through a suite of financial support and expert resources. The city hopes that the THRIVE program will create 200 new Black-owned businesses by 2030.

Economic Development+4

Akron, OH

United States

Baltimore, MD launched the Black-Owned and Operated Storefront Tenancy (BOOST) Program

The City of Baltimore launched the Black-Owned and Operated Storefront Tenancy (BOOST) Program to support the long-term success of creative, Black-owned businesses in Downtown Baltimore storefronts. The BOOST program pairs creative Black-owned businesses with vacant storefronts, and connects them with technical and marketing expertise. The BOOST program offers up to $50,000 in grants to help select businesses expand to brick-and-mortar locations.

Economic Development+4

Baltimore, MD

United States

Hillsboro, OR connects young talent to local busineses through December Works pilot

City officials worked with the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce to find internships during the winter holiday for residents aged 18 to 24. These short-term opportunities connected young workers to the local business community. Hillsboro modeled December Works after the existing Hillsboro Works program for summer employment. The popularity of both programs will lead to additional efforts at keeping talent in Hillsboro.

Economic Development+2

Hillsboro, OR

United States

Hermosillo, SO advances in Global Mayors Challenge 2021 with innovative recycling program

The Biciclando initiative employs women for home recyclable collections by e-cargo bike. An app-based dispatch program assists riders as they complete their routes. Collected recyclables will be reused by outlets like a repair workshop and an eco-friendly business incubator. Hermosillo is one of 50 Champion Cities that will work with Bloomberg Philanthropies to further refine their ideas over a four-month period.

Economic Development+3

Hermosillo, SO


Recife, PE advances in Mayors Challenge Award with economic empowerment program for women

The Tá com Elas initiative connects Recife's microcredit program with additional economic resources for women. This proposal includes a business incubator, virtual qualification courses, and an accounting service. Recife's goal is for 15,000 women to participate in Tá com Elas by 2024. City officials will work with Bloomberg Philanthropies during a four-month Champions Phase to further develop and test the program.

Economic Development+2

Recife, PE


Glasgow City Council, GB achieves Champion City status with resident upskilling proposal

Bloomberg Philanthropies selected Glasgow among 50 Champion Cities with innovative solutions for real-world solutions. City leaders will work with universities and businesses to train low-income residents for design and innovation projects. Participants will work with project partners on neighborhood-level solutions to poverty, climate change, and other persistent challenges. Glasgow will further refine the proposal during a four-month development period.

Economic Development+3

Glasgow City Council, GB

United Kingdom

Aparecida de Goiânia, GO builds skilled workforce with O Espaço do Trabalhador platform

O Espaço do Trabalhador - The Worker's Space - publishes real-time job postings from local employers. Applicants find job requirements and available interview times for each vacancy. The portal includes mentoring videos on topics ranging from resume construction to improving interpersonal skills. Local residents are also connected to industry-developed qualification courses in areas like logistics and water treatment.

Economic Development+2

Aparecida de Goiânia, GO


Moonee Valley, VIC creates pipeline of emerging talent with Podcast Studio Residency Program

The program connects local creatives to a cutting-edge podcast studio at the council-owned Clocktower Centre. Successful applicants receive free studio and technical assistance along with project fees. Clocktower Centre also promotes podcasts through its social media channels to create audiences for locally created content. Moonee Valley complemented this program with free podcast workshops throughout June 2021.

Economic Development+2

Moonee Valley, VIC


Columbine Valley, CO modernizes building & construction permitting with GovPilot

For years Columbine Valley relied on an outdated database for recording, tracking, and reporting on the town’s building and construction activities. As the town grew, this method of reporting became time consuming, and difficult to process and track paperwork associated with various properties. With GovPilot the results in Columbine Valley were immediate. Compared to the prior process, staff now take half the amount of time with GovPilot to process a construction permit application.

Economic Development+4



Columbine Valley, CO

United States

Vidalia, GA is creating a Downtown Development Authority to foster economic growth

The City of Vidalia is creating a Downtown Development Authority to foster economic growth. The Downtown Development Authority will have capabilities that the city lacks such as purchasing available properties for resale, rental, or improvement. The board will consist of seven appointed members including six non-elected officials and one elected-official.

Economic Development+1

Vidalia, GA

United States

Coral Springs, FL supports property redevelopment with Economic Incentive Pilot Program

The one-year pilot offers two paths for property owners to bring dilapidated buildings back into use. Applicants to the Building Exterior Improvement Program receive assistance with roof repairs, window upgrades, and restoration projects that attract commercial tenants. The Permit & Impact Fee Grant Program reduces the costs of building permits, connections, and inspections for developers. Each program covers up to half of eligible costs with a $50,000 cap per project.

Economic Development+3

Coral Springs, FL

United States

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