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Economic Development


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Recife, PE boosts small businesses during the pandemic with the Income by App program

City officials randomly drew 500 recipients for Rendo por App - or Income by App - kits. Each kit included a bicycle, a helmet, and a smartphone with a data plan. Recipients including couriers, home-based businesses, and contractors use free equipment to earn income in a struggling economy. The Income by App initiative is part of a citywide poverty reduction program that includes entrepreneurship courses and a reimbursement program for job-related travel.

Economic Development+3

Recife, PE


Hamilton, ON accelerated its Outdoor Dining District program to help businesses during COVID

The City of Hamilton accelerated its Outdoor Dining District program to provide relief to local restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic. The program allows zoning-compliant businesses to add or expand seasonal patios and outdoor seating areas on municipal or private property. The program will run until October 31, 2021 aligning with all guidelines and restrictions under the Provincial COVID-19 Response Framework.

Economic Development+4

Hamilton, ON


Ipswich, QLD connects defense firms with small businesses through Operation Scale-Up 2021

The council will select 24 small and mid-sized business applicants for the three-month pilot. Participating entrepreneurs consult with mentors from defense industry firms like Airbus Australia and Raytheon Australia. These relationships yield action plans for local businesses to scale operations in support of Ipswich's defense industry. Council leaders are evaluating the economic impacts of the pilot for potential expansion into other industries.

Economic Development+3

Ipswich, QLD


Chelmsford City Council, GB surmounts challenges of COVID-19 shopping with Click It Local platform

Chelmsford's Click It Local page is open to brick-and-mortar shops and local creators with online shops. Residents can shop by business or product types for goods ranging from music albums to flowers. A Click It Local purchase combines goods from multiple shops for same-day delivery. Each purchase requires a single payment and delivery fee, reducing the costs of online shopping. City officials adopted the platform to support local businesses during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Economic Development+2

Chelmsford City Council, GB

United Kingdom

Newark, NJ brings property ownership within reach through the state's first Land Bank

The Newark Land Bank connects interested parties with blighted, abandoned, and donated lots. The bank's website includes instructional videos and a property search tool. City officials partnered with a local property services company to maintain lots prior to closing. This initiative offers a path to homeownership for Section 8 benefit recipients via housing vouchers. Renters of foreclosed properties are offered the chance to purchase their homes through the Buy Back scheme.

Economic Development+2

Newark, NJ

United States

Falun, SE abolished the fee for outdoor cafés to support local restaurants during the COVID pandemic

The Municipality of Falun's City Council abolished the fee for outdoor cafés to support local restaurant owners during by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Council decided to make leasing land for outdoor cafés free so restaurants could comply with social distancing requirements without also experiencing an additional unnecessary financial burden.

Economic Development+4

Falun, SE


Wodonga, VIC connects hungry visitors to local eateries with QR code initiative

QR codes on outdoor tables and benches throughout Wodonga can be scanned to access a map of restaurants and cafes. Each scan uses the phone's location to show the closest locations for the user. Colorful signage near selected outdoor furniture instructs visitors on how to use the codes. This program is part of a local push toward outdoor dining that includes new dining pods, shaded tables, and a marketing campaign highlighting restaurant owners.

Economic Development+2

Wodonga, VIC


Unincorporated ACT, ACT attracts international tech collaboration with Canberra Cyber Hub

The Canberra Cyber Hub will offer a virtual education resource for residents interested in tech sector training. A newly created Canberra Innovation Network provides assistance and funding for startups on the cutting edge of cybersecurity. Local officials, universities, and major employers collaborate on research projects through the hub. The $700,000 AUD investment creates a unified front in Australia's effort to attract international cybersecurity investments.

Economic Development+3

Unincorporated ACT, ACT


Derbyshire County Council, GB generates sustainability innovations with Green Entrepreneurs Scheme

Council leaders created three distinct paths for participants to help the county reach net-zero emissions by 2050. The Demonstrator Fund offers grants of at least £100,000 to businesses working on low-carbon community energy projects. Startups and small businesses can bring green energy innovations to the public with up to £20,000 in small grant funds. Derbyshire County Council also offers £100,000 in scholarships for residents learning alternative energy skills like solar installation.

Economic Development+3

Derbyshire County Council, GB

United Kingdom

Rio de Janeiro, RJ "Favela com Dignidade" social promotion program addresses poverty conditions

The City of Rio de Janeiro launched the "Favela com Dignidade" social promotion program to identify and resolve issues related to poverty in the community. The program consists of three projects led by residents and local professionals: Casa Carioca, Recicla Comunidade, and Turistando pela Cidade. Respectively these projects will improve housing conditions for 100 neglected properties, recycle solid waste, and promote community attractions.

Economic Development+2

Rio de Janeiro, RJ


East Staffordshire Borough Council, GB launched £100,000 Business Springboard Boost scheme

East Staffordshire Borough Council launched the Business Springboard Boost scheme to support local businesses. Established businesses and start-ups can apply for £500 to £10,000 in funding. Applicants must be willing to match each £1 in funding provided by the Council. Interested local businesses must contact the Council's Enterprise Team to discuss their growth plans and verify eligibility before submitting an application.

Economic Development+1

East Staffordshire Borough Council, GB

United Kingdom

Canterbury City Council, GB upgrades city center data networks to improve visitor experiences

City officials and the Canterbury Business Improvement District (BID) funded the installation of 46 Wi-Fi hotspots. This network fills known connectivity gaps and allows visitors to access online features for local shops. Shop owners and patrons use the Locale app for social distancing and rewards. Canterbury City Council and the BID share a data platform that analyzes daily traffic patterns along with Wi-Fi use.

Economic Development+3

Canterbury City Council, GB

United Kingdom

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