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Amstelveen, NH allows residents to submit and track public reports with the free Fixi mobile app

The Municipality of Amstelveen is making it easier for residents to submit reports online using the new Fixi mobile app. Users can anonymously submit reports on loose pavement tiles, defective lighting, or litter via the free Fixi mobile app. Users can also mark the location of the issue on a map, attach text or photos, and request progress updates. Every report is displayed on a map of the municipality with a pin indicating if the report is being processed, currently pending, or completed.

Mobile App+3

Amstelveen, NH


Spruce Grove, AB complements fixed-route public transportation with on-demand transit offering

Spruce Grove residents request rides through the Pick-Up On-Demand app Monday through Friday. On-demand shuttles use virtual and existing stops for connections with traditional bus routes. Commuters can book rides up to one week ahead of time and each one-way ride costs $3. The service offers 10-minute windows for pickups and an automated system optimizes shuttle routes.

Mobile App+1

Spruce Grove, AB


Stockholm, SE tracks air quality on every street with the Luft Stockholm app

Luft Stockholm - or Air Stockholm - presents daily pollen and air pollutant levels on every city street. The app can compare air quality on two or more streets to assist with active travel planning. Additional tools like a health diary and an archive of past ratings connect air quality to how Stockholm residents feel from day to day. City staffers worked with the Asthma and Allergy Association, Swedish Museum of Natural History, and Umeå University on the app's design.

Mobile App+3

Stockholm, SE


Leduc, AB adds flexibility to public transportation system with On-Demand Transit program

Leduc Transit replaced four fixed routes with an on-demand services that addresses service gaps throughout the city. Residents request pickups and drop-offs at virtual stops via app or phone call. An automated dispatch system sends transit vehicles on the most efficient routes based on requested rides. City officials spent $20,000 CAD in one-time costs for the program while keeping fares the same as fixed-route buses during its first year.

Mobile App+1

Leduc, AB


Chemnitz, SL partnered with Staffbase to launch the SVC2go city employee communication mobile app

The City of Chemnitz partnered with Staffbase to launch the SVC2go city employee communication mobile app. The SVC2go app allows users to access city news, ask questions, communicate directly with other city employees, and share pictures. The app was designed to provide city employees with all the relevant information they need for day-to-day work and give them an opportunity to directly exchange ideas with their employer.

Mobile App+3

Chemnitz, SL


San Diego County, CA District Attorney's Office mobile app provides police with cultural knowledge

The San Diego County District Attorney's Office developed a mobile app to provide police officers with cultural knowledge during non-emergency incidents. The app lists norms associated with ethnic and religious communities including traditions, beliefs, greetings, general experiences with police and what to expect when visiting their household. The app includes information on Chaldean, East African, Native American, Samoan, and Vietnamese communities along with Black and Latino youth.

Mobile App+4

San Diego County, CA

United States

Mishawaka, IN Parks and Recreation Department launched augmented reality experiences for visitors

The City of Mishawaka Parks and Recreation Department launched augmented reality experiences for park visitors. The experiences are activated by scanning QR code with a mobile app. The augmented reality experiences create adventures with dinosaurs and insects that encourage visitors to walk to different stations around the park.

Mobile App+2

Mishawaka, IN

United States

Uberlândia, MG places healthcare information in resident hands with Saúde + Uberlândia mobile app

The mobile app safely stores user records including allergies, medications, and past appointments. Residents receive text reminders days ahead of primary care and specialist appointments. Saúde + Uberlândia connects to patient load monitors at hospitals and clinics for quicker access to care. Public health officials stay in touch with residents through digital campaigns and a feedback channel to the city ombudsman.

Mobile App+2

Uberlândia, MG


João Pessoa, PB equips motorists with real-time traffic information through Monitora Jampa app

The mobile app provides live streams from 70 traffic cameras stationed throughout the city. A network map highlights publicly accessible cameras in green and cameras in use by inspectors in yellow. Commuters consult the app to adjust their routes around roadwork, accidents, and disabled vehicles. João Pessoa's urban mobility team created Monitora Jampa to complement digital resources like a towed vehicle database and ticket appeals tracker.

Mobile App+3

João Pessoa, PB


Sarasota County, FL partnered with Via to offer residents an on-demand public transit service

Sarasota County has partnered with River North Transit, a subsidiary of Via Transportation, to offer residents an on-demand public transit service. The on-demand system will enable riders to request a vehicle via mobile app or by calling a phone number within designated zones to reach their final destination. As a promotion, the Sarasota County Transit Agency will offer this service for free during the first two weeks. The county estimates a 10% increase in ridership as a result of this option.

Mobile App+3

Sarasota County, FL

United States

Benito Juárez, QI responds to threats of violence against women with Mujer Segura mobile app

The free Mujer Segura - or Safe Woman - app connects users to first responders and their emergency contacts when they feel threatened. Users enter up to five contacts who are notified when dangerous situations are reported through the app. One press of the alert button also contacts local police for immediate response. Mujer Segura uses the phone's GPS data to provide more precise locations than street addresses.

Mobile App+2

Benito Juárez (Cancún; incl. Puerto Morelos), QI


Shawnee County, KS partnered with Otocast to launch a local park app with audio narration

The Shawnee County Parks and Recreation Department partnered with Otocast the mobile audio guide platform to improve the local park experience with an app. The mobile app shows 19 points of interest throughout the Old Prairie Town, botanical garden, and Ward Meade Park. The app also provides visitors with an audio first-person narrative of what life was like in the late 1800s.

Mobile App+2

Shawnee County, KS

United States

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