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City of Cape Town, WC improves sewer overflow response times with Reactive Incident Management app

Residents encountering wastewater overflows and water line breaks report issues through the RIMA. This mobile app built with SAP supports location tagging, photo uploads, and incident comments. Sewer response teams use RIMA to update repair progress and issue alerts to community members. Cape Town commissioned the RIMA's development, purchased 23 jet-vac vehicles, and created eight rapid-response teams for comprehensive responses to water and sewer issues.

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City of Cape Town, WC

ZA flag

South Africa

Dublin City Council, IE expands Discovery Trails mobile app with an augmented reality feature

The Dublin Discovery Trails app was introduced in January 2023 for in-person visits to the city's destinations. Peel X developed the DiscovAR Dublin feature with Google Maps as an immersive experience for users worldwide. Travelers and virtual visitors navigate a 3D city map, select buildings to explore, and learn about Dublin's rich history. DiscovAR Dublin promotes the city as a tourist destination and makes its attractions accessible.

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Dublin City Council, IE

IE flag


Tampere, FI predicts future foot traffic in the city center with its Tamperen Pulssi tool

Tampere and Wapice Oy used camera footage from central locations for foot traffic pattern identification. An AI-powered platform estimates future traffic within the context of weather forecasts, public holidays, and local arena events. Local businesses and agencies can see next month's estimated pedestrian traffic by opening Tamperen Pulssi in the Tampere.Finland app. This resource proves valuable in areas from staffing shops and restaurants to planning street maintenance.

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Tampere, FI

FI flag


Cachoeirinha, RS and Transbus use Liftango platform for new on-demand transit service

Residents use the TeuBus mobile app to request rides anywhere in the Transbus operating area. Transbus will use TeuBus for driver scheduling, fleet management, and customer support. TeuBus charges the same fare as the fixed-route system but reaches areas with limited transit service. An initial fleet of seven minibusses may expand to 16 if high commuter demand exists. Municipal and transit officials conducted a one-month pilot prior to a July 2023 release.

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Cachoeirinha, RS

BR flag


Mitchell, VIC tests gender impact assessment app for policy and program development

Mitchell's GIA app follows a four-step model - assumptions, context, options, and recommendations - for impact assessment. Council employees use the mobile app when assessing the consequences of their work on men, women, and gender-diverse residents. GIA reports are sent to the Gender Equality Action Group for review. Mitchell is working with Women’s Health Goulburn North East on staff training about effective assessments during the pilot's early days.

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Mitchell, VIC

AU flag


Auckland Council, NZ Future Fit tool for carbon footprint reduction expands into business community

Auckland Council introduced Future Fit in 2019 as an online tool for residents to measure and reduce their environmental impacts. A recently introduced version encourages emission-reduction efforts among corporate teams and small businesses. Future Fit uses questionnaires and national data to calculate personal footprints at the outset of participation. Companies track real-time footprint changes as employees complete 30 activities in six categories.

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Auckland Council, NZ

NZ flag

New Zealand

Powys County Council, GB incentivizes container recycling with its Scan | Recycle | Reward pilot

Powys County Council partnered with the Digital Deposit Return Scheme Alliance (DDRS) for the 12-week trial. Brecon area residents download a mobile app and scan QR codes on containers from participating retailers. Each scan results in a 10-pence reward for the user with cash rewards or donations redeemable starting at £5. Containers can be scanned at home or at public recycling points during the trial. DDRS will use pilot results to shape recycling rewards elsewhere in the United Kingdom.

Mobile App+2

Powys County Council, GB

GB flag

United Kingdom

Gent (Gand) [Ghent], VOV informs visually impaired commuers about transit disruptions with new app

Municipal officials and project partner District09 developed the app using De Lijn transit data. Commuters enter their phone numbers and receive real-time texts when their routes are detoured or disrupted. A planned update in autumn 2023 will support user reports of sidewalk obstructions. The mobile app is part of the city's Open Services project, which designs digital services accessible by other cities and third-party developers.

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Gent (Gand) [Ghent], VOV

BE flag


North Lanarkshire Council, GB makes country park more accessible with myEyes mobile app

The myEyes app provides audio narration of walking routes and areas of interest based on location data. Council officials worked with iKi Technologies on adapting myEyes for patrons of Strathclyde Country Park. App users find out about native wildlife and journey through the park's paths thanks to timely alerts. The app accommodates audio messaging in multiple languages. North Lanarkshire Council will evaluate the app's impacts prior to potential use in other public spaces.

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North Lanarkshire Council, GB

GB flag

United Kingdom

Sault Ste. Marie, ON improves public transit accessibility with BlindSquare Event mobile app

Sault Transit and CNIB Frontier Accessibility tested the mobile app during a pilot on two bus routes. BlindSquare Event determines the user's proximity to activated bus stops using real-time GPS data. The app provides audio alerts for nearby bus stops and upcoming bus arrivals. Sault Ste. Marie expanded BlindSquare Event's use to all seven routes, making it the first Canadian city to use the platform on its entire transit system.

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Sault Ste. Marie, ON

CA flag


Wake County, NC Lease 2 Home initiative creates incentives for expanded affordable housing options

Wake County built a Lease 2 Home app in-house for streamlined housing matches. Social service providers work with housing-insecure residents on finding available housing through the app. The county's Landlord Engagement Unit (LEU) recruited housing providers with incentives including $500 per signed lease and $1,000 for damages beyond security deposits. County officials hope for 50 participating landlords and 300 new affordable units in Lease 2 Home's first year.

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Wake County, NC

US flag

United States

Cupertino, CA ARTour mobile app uses augmented reality for interactive tours of public art works

The mobile app was designed by an in-house team for artworks in public places and historical sites. A robot avatar named Cooper encourages walking tours of Cupertino using a conversational style. ARTour users point their phones at tagged works for information about the meaning behind public art and the city's history. The ARTour experience is available in English, Hindi, and Mandarin with facts conveyed by audio or text.

Mobile App+2

Cupertino, CA

US flag

United States

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