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Dublin City Council, IE brings local attractions to life with Doors into Docklands AR mobile app

Dublin City Council and Fáilte Ireland collaborated on an augmented reality experience for destinations along the River Liffey. The app offers main, extended, and accessible routes ranging from 3.75 kilometers to 5 kilometers for the Doors into Docklands trail. App users download all of the necessary data at the trail's origin. Doors into Docklands presents narrations by costumed actors, animations about engineering projects, and immersive experiences in historical buildings.

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Dublin City Council, IE

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San Diego County, CA approves the development of a homeless shelter matching app

County supervisors allocated $300,000 for the app's development by Caravan Studios. The app populates the current availability and resources for every shelter in San Diego County. Social workers, police officers, and service providers match unhoused residents with temporary accommodations fitting their needs through the app. This first-in-the-country project is modeled after the Safe Shelter Collaborative, a platform matching victims of domestic violence with safe locations in minutes.

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San Diego County, CA

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United States

Durham County Council, GB rewards community cleanup efforts by piloting the UnLitter UK app

App developer Unbox the Universe is working with Visit County Durham during the three-month pilot. The UnLitter UK app issues virtual UCoins in exchange for litter collection. App users upload photos of collected litter and redeem UCoins for shopping vouchers and UnLitter UK merchandise. This rewards system complements anti-litter marketing, enforcement efforts, and cleanup events organized by the county council.

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Durham County Council, GB

GB flag

United Kingdom

King County, WA integrates on-demand transit options into its new Metro Flex service

King County Metro previously operated three on-demand services - Community Ride, Ride Pingo to Transit, and Via to Transit. Metro Flex consolidates these services with a single mobile app powered by Via. The new service provides curb-to-curb trips in seven neighborhoods instead of the limited stops made by previous options. The MetroFlex mobile app suggests the best transit options for each trip with fares priced the same as bus rides.

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King County, WA

US flag

United States

Unincorporated ACT, ACT streamlines its public transit ticketing system with NEC Australia

A one-year design process will shape the development of the MyWay+ system for local transit needs. The MyWay+ mobile app provides real-time updates regarding departure times, delays, and route changes. Local commuters can plan affordable and accessible trips throughout Canberra using a multimodal journey planner. This new system also enables touchless fare payments and automated fare calculation across multiple stops.

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Unincorporated ACT, ACT

AU flag


Tijuana, BN improves its response to domestic violence threats with Botón Morado mobile app

Fourteen percent of 911 calls in Tijuana involve domestic violence situations. The Botón Morado - Purple Button - app allows women under threat to request police response without making calls. Local dispatchers confirm the nature of the threat, current location, and perpetrator information as officers are on the way. The app assists Tijuana with identifying new domestic violence threats and ensuring compliance with protective orders.

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Tijuana, BN

MX flag


Scranton, PA develops a mental health and wellness mobile app for first responders

Scranton issued a Request for Proposals to developers and firms capable of designing this custom app. The RFP calls for a mobile app with self-service assessment tools for behavioral health conditions like anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Police and fire personnel will also find wellness exercises and mental health emergency contacts in the app. Local officials hope the new tool will complement counseling options currently covered by the city's insurance.

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Scranton, PA

US flag

United States

Anne Arundel County, MD collaborates with The Routing Company on an on-demand transit pilot

The six-month pilot handles the county's Call N'Ride service through the company's Pingo platform. Commuters request weekday rides aboard the three-vehicle fleet on the Ride Pingo mobile app. This app supports countywide trip planning aboard on-demand and fixed-route transit options. The county's Office of Transportation will work with The Routing Company on driver training, fleet management, and pilot data evaluation.

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Anne Arundel County, MD

US flag

United States

Lynchburg, VA collaborates with Equans, Masabi, and Transit on integrated public transit system

The Greater Lynchburg Transit Company (GLTC) will incorporate the Navineo ITS from Equans into its operations. This platform includes computer-aided dispatch for buses and real-time arrival updates for commuters by Transit app or automated announcements. Masabi will combine its onboard validators with mobile fare capabilities via Transit and the GLTC mobile app. An integrated system enables accurate trip planning, streamlined fare collection, and improved fleet management.

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Lynchburg, VA

US flag

United States

Schenectady, NY adds Pathfinder software to police vehicles for improved patrol management

Pathfinder supports live mobile reports by officers about their patrol routes and notable community interactions. Officers on subsequent shifts can review reports on their tablets and patrol new areas within their assigned zones. Schenectady worked with local developer Transfinder on a three-month pilot involving three patrol cars. The pilot's success led to Pathfinder's installation across its 25-vehicle fleet in January 2023.

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Schenectady, NY

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United States

Edmonton, AB and Anti Defamation League track hate symbols in public spaces with Lighthouse solution

The jointly developed technology consists of a trio of tools for the identification of hate symbols throughout Edmonton. The Lantern mobile app for city employees supports photo uploads and reports of potential symbols in the field. The Gallery web application compares uploaded photos to the ADL's Hate on Display database for confirmation. City officials identify hotspots and schedule symbol removal using the Watch dashboard.

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Edmonton, AB

CA flag


Macon-Bibb County, GA advances blight removal efforts with new reporting and tracking tool

Macon-Bibb County developed the tool for improved clearance of an estimated 6,000 blighted properties. The county's IT team worked with community organizations and residents on app design with a prototype presentation at a community event. Residents of the Pleasant Hill Historic District report blighted properties, submit photo evidence, and receive notifications from Code Enforcement officials in the app. The tool helps the county with blight identification and street-level communications.

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Macon-Bibb County, GA

US flag

United States

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