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Melton, VIC visualizes transport planning initiatives with its Moving Melton Transport Prospectus

Local officials sought an interactive method for promoting transport improvements in Australia's fastest-growing municipality. The Moving Melton website turns traffic congestion data into a map of projects in four categories: Public Transport, Roads, Active Transport, and Level Crossing Removals. Visualizations of where and how the community travels provide the necessary background to readers. Moving Melton also highlights job growth, benefit-cost ratios, and other impacts of planned projects.


Melton, VIC

AU flag


Wellington City Council, NZ becomes the first city in New Zealand to use VivaCity traffic sensors

Eighteen VivaCity traffic-counting sensors were installed at 13 intersections to kick off the five-year project. Pole-mounted sensors gather and anonymize traffic data for categorization by transport method. The network also monitors traffic speed and congestion for ongoing analysis of local road conditions. Wellington will use long-term sensor data to inform decisions about the local bike network, event management, and behavioral change initiatives.


Wellington City Council, NZ

NZ flag

New Zealand

Georges River, NSW grades large-scale developments with its Environmental Sustainability Calculator

Applicants use the calculator when seeking approval for high-density developments with floor areas of 1,500 square meters or more. The tool asks for inputs about sustainable features like EV charging capacity, native plant use, and light-reflective or solar roofing. A points-based system determines if an application adheres to the council's Local Environmental Plan standards. Council officials worked with industry representatives on refining the tool prior to its introduction.


Georges River, NSW

AU flag


London Borough of Barnet, GB Community Tree Portal inventories vital resources in net-zero efforts

Borough officials hope to plant 5,000 new trees by 2028 on the path to net-zero operations by 2030. The Community Tree Portal presents an overview of the current tree inventory and its ecological benefits. An interactive Tree Map includes layers for existing trees, planned plantings, and optimal planting locations. Portal users can select individual tree icons for details including photos, recent inspection dates, and Tree Asset Values.


London Borough of Barnet, GB

GB flag

United Kingdom

Zundert, NB improves the sewerage design process with an easy-to-use software solution

Zundert worked with Nelen & Schuurmans on the Sewerage Designer. Municipal planners and engineers enter the desired locations for sewers into a basic form. The Sewerage Designer automatically calculates sewer size, manhole depth, and other details based on applicable drainage requirements. This software was designed with all stakeholders in mind and produces maps for use in the open-source QGIS application.


Zundert, NB

NL flag


Hertfordshire County Council, GB partners on digital twin for air quality improvement

Six EarthSense Zephyr sensors across Hatfield Business Park monitor its real-time particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide levels. Air quality data are sent to a digital twin that also displays traffic patterns and weather forecasts. Business park tenants access a 3D map of environmental analytics useful in shaping emission reduction efforts. County officials are working with university researchers and technology partners to turn digital twin insights into smarter planning.


Hertfordshire County Council, GB

GB flag

United Kingdom

Cook County, IL supports budget-conscious buying decisions with its Furniture Cost Estimation Tool

The Furniture Cost Estimation Tool houses information about furniture options from approved vendors. Agencies are guided to the best-available options based on their needs, available space, and current budgets. The county's Budget Department uses the tool in evaluating annual budgets for furniture purchases. This in-house resource nudges buyers toward eco-friendly and low-cost options while meeting the needs of county departments.


Cook County, IL

US flag

United States

Salisbury, SA assists residential land division applicants with a series of instructional videos

City officials worked the Click Films on a series of four videos clarifying the subdivision process. Each video lasts less than three minutes and includes relevant steps, links, and tips for successful applications. The series includes a process overview, a review of allotment requirements, and two frequently asked question videos on topics from flood risk to lot size. This project improves applicant experiences and reduces staff time spent on common questions.


Salisbury, SA

AU flag


Brantford, ON measures environmental impacts of its operations with the climate lens assessment tool

Brantford developed its own calculator for estimating emissions from municipal projects following a 2019 climate emergency declaration. The community housing and public works teams tested the tool during an 18-month pilot. Evaluations of completed and planned projects through an environmental lens were added to new sections in staff reports. The climate and environmental implications section will be used in all future staff reports to committees, task forces, and the city council.


Brantford, ON

CA flag


Bathurst Regional, NSW collaborates with state government on Spatial Digital Twin development

The state's Spatial Services team gathered aerial footage for the first-in-region digital twin. The 3D representation of Bathurst covers four million square meters with a two-centimeter resolution. Nine map layers provide location-specific data on fuel prices, EV charging stations, property sales, and disabled parking. Bathurst Regional and NSW are evaluating community feedback as they develop additional functionalities for the twin.


Bathurst Regional, NSW

AU flag


London Borough of Lambeth, GB opens Community Parklet Scheme for resident design suggestions

Individuals and community groups can submit their parklet designs for council funding. The online application form includes a template with mandatory elements like roadside barriers and optional features like bike parking. Successful applicants keep their parklets clean, while the council provides major maintenance services. Twenty-five parklets on street parking spots will be funded as part of the borough's Big Shift initiative for greener and more active travel.


London Borough of Lambeth, GB

GB flag

United Kingdom

Barcelona, CT and BSC-CNS build a digital twin for the development of a 15-minute city

The first phase of the twin's development evaluates services available within 15-minute walks or bike rides of mass transit stops. The prototype can simulate solutions to resource shortages near transit routes based on existing plans and city data. Barcelona City Council will provide data to BSC-CNS for a second phase of the tool's development with university researchers. Digital twins capable of informing public policy decisions related to city planning are expected within four years.


Barcelona, CT

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