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Hermosillo, SO advances in Global Mayors Challenge 2021 with innovative recycling program

The Biciclando initiative employs women for home recyclable collections by e-cargo bike. An app-based dispatch program assists riders as they complete their routes. Collected recyclables will be reused by outlets like a repair workshop and an eco-friendly business incubator. Hermosillo is one of 50 Champion Cities that will work with Bloomberg Philanthropies to further refine their ideas over a four-month period.


Hermosillo, SO


Glasgow City Council, GB achieves Champion City status with resident upskilling proposal

Bloomberg Philanthropies selected Glasgow among 50 Champion Cities with innovative solutions for real-world solutions. City leaders will work with universities and businesses to train low-income residents for design and innovation projects. Participants will work with project partners on neighborhood-level solutions to poverty, climate change, and other persistent challenges. Glasgow will further refine the proposal during a four-month development period.


Glasgow City Council, GB

United Kingdom

Magog, QC partners with community group Magog Vert on personalized waste reduction consultations

The Ton tri à la source - or Your storing at the source - program offered six weeks of free consultations. Participants met with Magog Vert volunteer experts during weekly phone calls or video chats. Each consultation addressed questions about recycling, composting, and reducing household waste. Magog and Magog Vert also created an online survey to test residents on how to dispose of common household items.


Magog, QC


Melbourne, VIC begins organic waste collection service for homes and apartments

Local officials anticipate weekly residential collection of food and garden waste throughout Melbourne by 2022. The program's initial stage serves 9,000 homes and single-floor rental units. Participants receive outdoor bins, kitchen caddies, and a year's supply of compostable caddy bags. Collected waste is converted to mulch for Melbourne's green spaces and gardens. The collection program is supported by council-sponsored webinars and book clubs on reducing waste.


Melbourne, VIC


Charlottetown, PEI brainstorms ways to achieve sustainable growth goals during Virtual Hackathon

The one-day event resulted in presentations by 24 students from the University of Prince Edward Island. City departments provided maps, reports, and guidance to teams from multiple disciplines as they developed creative ideas for sustainable growth. A three-member panel of city staffers heard a five-minute presentation and received a written report from each team. The Virtual Hackathon generated new ideas while connecting students to public policy development.


Charlottetown, PE


Ann Arbor, MI collaborates with local restaurants on A2R3 Reusable Container Program

The city's Office of Sustainablity and Innovations is working with four restaurants on the one-month pilot. The Reduce, Reuse, Return (A2R3) Reusable Container Program encourages diners to return containers following their meals. Container feature QR codes scanned upon return in exchange for meal discounts. A2R3 uses containers that can last up to 1,000 meals prior to recycling. This pilot is part of Ann Arbor's A2ZERO week promoting carbon-neutral practices.


Ann Arbor, MI

United States

Granby, QC generates ideas for environmental projects during first participatory budget round

Residents aged 18 and older were asked to submit ideas that fulfill Granby's three-year environmental plan. Submitted proposals were reviewed to determine if they can be fulfilled by the city on public land with up to $25,000 CAD. Community members choose their favorite projects from a list of finalists selected by the Environmental Advisory Committee. Winning teams share $25,000 CAD and work with the city to bring their projects to life in 2022.


Granby, QC


Liverpool, NSW guides small businesses through COVID with Business Resilience Development Program

Participating business owners began the eight-week program with four online workshops. These group sessions explored topics made more relevant by the pandemic including financial resilience and new business models. Business coaches held one-on-one sessions with owners on applying workshop lessons to specific industries. The program supplied participants with access to an online network for business owners and a resiliency toolkit.


Liverpool, NSW


Northern Beaches, NSW turns new waste collection trucks into messengers for eco-friendly practices

Council leaders saw the upgraded fleet as a blank canvas for messages about sustainable practices. Northern Beaches added its "what a load of rubbish" graphics to 40 collection vehicles. Each truck is painted a color of the rainbow to catch the eyes of residents and visitors. Images of four common single-use items - bags, coffee cups, straws, and water bottles - encourage viewers to choose reusable alternatives.


Northern Beaches, NSW


Hvidovre, DK seeks residential and commercial participation in bee-friendly flower planting

City officials want to increase biodiversity through wild lawns and green spaces that attract bees, insects, and animals. The Hvidovre Blomstereng seed mix includes flowers like bibernelle and golden lacquer that grow well in Denmark. Residents and business owners can pick up free mix bags at libraries to plant on their properties. Hvidovre has already planted bee-friendly flowers on one hectare of public land and offered discounts on flower purchases.


Hvidovre, DK


St. John's, NL turns green spaces into climate assets with Carbon Sequestration Naturalization

St. John's will plant 2,000 new trees at 13 parks and public spaces during the project. Eleven hectares of urban forest will capture an estimated 89 tons of carbon emissions during the next two decades. Newly planted trees eliminate 76 tons of emissions previously created by landscaping and lawn maintenance. City officials primarily focus on the project's climate impacts but residents also benefit from its beautification and water filtration improvements.


St. John's, NL


Marin County, CA Reaches More Short-Term Rental Hosts with Host Compliance

Granicus Host Compliance provided the tools to more find short-term rental addresses while using staff time and resources more efficiently. Implementing Host Compliance software from Granicus made an immediate impact on Marin County’s ability to monitor STRs and maintain effective compliance communications with property owners. Over 70% of the 2,000 properties are now compliant with local regulations.




Marin County, CA

United States

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