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Waterford City and County Council, IE assists businesses during COVID-19 with Business Supports Hub

Waterford City and County Council, IE Business Supports Hub

The online hub provides a single source for local and national funding sources for businesses during the pandemic. A Financial Supports page breaks down information into sections like taxes, wage supports, and microenterprises. Business owners in Waterford also find updates on reopening plans and contacts for local commerce groups. The hub's Good News timeline showcases local business innovations during COVID-19.


Waterford City and County Council, IE


Nanaimo, BC creates its own project management software to oversee projects across departments

Nanaimo, BC Creates Own Project Management Software

CityProjects was first introduced to the city's Engineering Department. This software integrates city-specific budget, planning, and code restraints into each project. Nanaimo can scale software features up or down to provide one tool for projects ranging from traffic signals to housing developments. CityProjects will be introduced to every city department for streamlined project updates.


Nanaimo, BC

Albury, NSW partners with local nonprofit Aware to resell used items at the Upcycle and Recycle Shop

Albury, NSW Aware Upcycle and Recycle Shop

The Albury Recycling Centre diverts lightly used items like toys, furniture, and tools to its neighboring shop. Garden stakes, mulch, and wooden pallets are also transferred from the local landfill for sale at low prices. Aware places residents who are searching for work, retraining for careers, and those with disabilities in the shop. The nonprofit benefits from the sales of second-hand items while team members learn new skills.


Albury, NSW


Wingecarribee, NSW untangles residential fire control rules with Backyard Burning Policy Map

Wingecarribee, NSW Backyard Burning Policy Map

Council officials developed the interactive map in response to burning policy changes in 2017. The map shows the entire shire divided into four color-coded blocks. Red zones are prohibited from backyard burning while green, yellow, and orange zones are allowed to burn with special permits. Residents learn the reasons for burning policies applied to their properties and required permits by entering their addresses in the search bar.


Wingecarribee, NSW


Penrith, NSW installs a Climate Adapted People Shelter to improve commuter comfort

Penrith, NSW Climate Adapted People Shelter

The city worked with MM Creative to implement the latter's winning idea from a regional CAPS competition. The transit shelter on Derby Street features a sizable insulated roof to better control temperatures. MM Creative designed its CAPS with adjustable lighting, seats, and ventilation for customized experiences. Penrith also has opportunities to easily add transit card readers, solar panels, and Wi-Fi.

Facilities & Infrastructure+1

Penrith, NSW


Greater Shepparton, VIC takes advantage of municipal solar network with fleet electric vehicles

Greater Shepparton, VIC Fleet Electric Vehicles Solar

The council added two Nissan LEAF EVs to an increasingly low-emission fleet. Greater Shepparton swapped 60 gas-powered vehicles for hybrids from 2015 to 2019. Fleet drivers use solar-powered chargers to make each vehicle truly emission-free. Greater Shepparton connected charging stations to the 99-kilowatt Doyles Road Complex rooftop solar system and the 90-kilowatt Welsford Street system.

Electric Vehicle+3

Greater Shepparton, VIC


Gold Coast, QLD continues investments in zero-emission fleet vehicles with six electric cars

Gold Coast, QLD Zero-Emission Electric Fleet Vehicles

Gold Coast purchased six Hyundai Ioniq EVs to replace gas-powered fleet vehicles. Each EV can travel up to 300 kilometers per charge with an empty-to-full charge requiring six hours. The council uses solar-powered chargers at Karp Court, Nerang, and Waterside West public buildings to power EVs. This fleet conversion continues a history of zero-emission vehicle use starting with a 2010 EV trial.

Electric Vehicle+2

Gold Coast, QLD


Halifax, NS approves an eight-year timeline to turn 50% of its transit fleet electric

Halifax, NS Electric Bus Fleet Timeline

The Rapid Transit Strategy includes purchases of 210 all-electric buses by 2028. Halifax Transit will incorporate the first round of buses by 2022. A projected savings of $24,000 per year for each bus comes from lower fuel and maintenance costs than diesel-powered buses. City leaders plan for electric buses to serve four rapid-transit routes that connect ferry stops with downtown destinations.

Electric Vehicle+2

Halifax, NS

Oshawa, ON increases the precision of its Fire Services team with the what3words app

Oshawa, ON What3words App Fire Services Precision

The what3words app divides the globe into squares measuring three meters by three meters. Each square is given a randomly generated three-word label like "download.played.plan." Emergency responders consult the app for the exact location of a fire or health emergency provided by dispatchers. This precision comes in handy for calls in forests, rural areas, and open lands. Oshawa Fire Services became the country's first fire department to use the app.

Mobile App+2

Oshawa, ON

Nelson, BC encourages food waste diversion from landfills with FoodCycler household pilot

Nelson, BC FoodCycler Food Waste Diversion Pilot

The city's Administration Department tested the countertop waste recycler in a successful one-month trial. Discounted FoodCycler units were sold to 151 households ahead of a three-month pilot. Nelson issued a $125 CAD rebate for each $250 CAD purchase. The FoodCycler turns food waste into a byproduct useful in gardening and composting. City officials developed the pilot in search of a budget-friendly alternative to the regional curbside food waste service set for 2022.

Pilot / POC+1

Nelson, BC

Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council, GB is implementing socially distanced business streets

Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council, GB social distancing

Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council is implementing socially distanced streets to help businesses reopen safely as COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are being lifted. The Council is making temporary changes to local shopping areas in order to help residents shop locally and safely. These changes will include marking one-way pedestrian routes, suspending kerbside parking, removing parking and loading bays, narrowing streets, and installing new signage to enable social distancing between shoppers.


Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council, GB

United Kingdom

Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council, GB commissioned services to prevent youth homelessness

Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council, GB homeless support

Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council commissioned the Young Persons Prevention and Support Service (YPASS) which is managed by Horton Housing. The service was designed to prevent youth homelessness by providing high quality housing, training and support for vulnerable people between the ages of 16 and 21. YPASS offers a variety of support services including emergency accommodation, mediation, supported lodgings, prevention work, bond guarantees, and expert advice.


Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council, GB

United Kingdom

Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council, GB is installing electric vehicle rapid charging points

Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council, GB charing points

Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council is partnering with ENGIE, Leeds-based energy company, and several neighboring councils to install rapid charging points for electric vehicles. The project involves installing 88 rapid charging points throughout the region to reduce carbon emissions. Each charging point will have one bay exclusively for taxis and a second bay for public use. Electric vehicles can be fully charged in under an hour and the charging points are free to the public for two years.

Electric Vehicle+4

Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council, GB

United Kingdom

Fort Collins, CO invests in zero-emission transportation with Electric Vehicle Readiness Roadmap

Fort Collins, CO Electric Vehicle Readiness Roadmap

The Roadmap includes EV goals of 100% city fleet vehicle purchases by 2025 and 50% private purchases by 2030. Fort Collins is working toward a greener fleet with two plug-in buses and seven ChargePoint public charging stations. The city's 2019 EV Group Buy packaged up to $15,000 in dealer, local, and federal discounts on 20 EV purchases at participating dealerships. The city council also approved code changes that require Level 2 EV wiring for new home garages.

Electric Vehicle+3

Fort Collins, CO

United States

Pottstown, PA works with contractor to create first-in-the-nation flexible plastic recycling pilot

Pottstown, PA Flexible Plastic Recycling Pilot Contractor

Council members approved a contract with J.P. Mascaro & Sons to carry out the pilot. Flexible plastics including grocery bags, bubble wrap, and food pouches are placed in recycling bins for curbside collection. The contractor received funds from Materials Recovery for the Future to convert flexible plastics into rFlex composites for resale. Local residents were sent mailers and found informational stickers inside their bins prior to the pilot.


Pottstown, PA

United States

Flagstaff, AZ works with Arizona Public Service to test electric vehicle chargers at City Hall

Flagstaff, AZ City Hall Electric Vehicle Chargers

Four chargers in the City Hall parking lot lower barriers to local EV ownership. A future move toward plug-in municipal fleet vehicles will be informed by the pilot's results. Flagstaff and APS are offering free charges to EV owners as they determine the next steps in local infrastructure. EV drivers in Flagstaff were previously limited to home charging or premium charging offered by providers like ChargePoint or Electrify America.

Pilot / POC+4

Flagstaff, AZ

United States

Fort Worth, TX speeds up COVID-19 diagnosis and tracking with free saliva testing pilot

Fort Worth, TX Free COVID-19 Saliva Testing Pilot

City health officials carried out initial testing at J.P. Elder Middle School. The saliva test offers a two-day turnaround for results by app or in-person consultation. Tarrant County residents use a dedicated appointment form to schedule their tests. This pilot evaluated a testing method appropriate for all ages while cutting down on testing delays.

Health & Human Services+2

Fort Worth, TX

United States

Ames, IA involves local residents in emissions reduction with SunSmart Ames community solar farm

Ames, IA SunSmart Ames Solar Farm Residents Emissions

The city-built 2-megawatt farm allows Ames Electric Services customers to purchase shares of solar energy. Each $300 share represents a half-panel that produces 175 kilowatts of zero-emission energy. Ames Electric Services provides a monthly bill credit for each share over a 20-year customer contract. City officials estimated the farm can power 440 homes and reduce carbon emissions by 57,000 tons over two decades. Construction began on the farm after 75% of shares were sold.

Energy Solutions+4

Ames, IA

United States

Forbes, NSW introduces its free water cart service in response to a regional drought

Forbes, NSW Free Water Cart Service Regional Drought

The council purchased a 2,000-liter cart that is available to local residents not connected to the water system. Farmers and homeowners call the regional depot to schedule cart use. Forbes already provides free water pickup at the depot to counter a two-year drought. The council's Urban Services team uses the cart for other projects between reservations. This initiative eliminates private cartage fees that add up quickly for farms and rural households.


Forbes, NSW


Saskatoon, SK approves a free Wi-Fi pilot to improve connectivity during the COVID-19 outbreak

Saskatoon, SK Free Wi-Fi Pilot COVID-19 Connectivity

The city council approved a limited low-bandwidth network in response to connectivity issues among low-income households. Saskatoon officials pursued free Wi-Fi in response to uneven access by targeted households to online public health information. A 10-block service area will provide sufficient bandwidth to facilitate video calls and basic Internet access. Saskatoon and its project partners will evaluate the feasibility of expanded or citywide access during the pilot.


Saskatoon, SK

Saskatoon, SK adds flexibility to its public transit service with On-Demand Transit pilot

Saskatoon, SK On-Demand Transit Pilot Flexibility

Saskatoon commuters use the On-Demand Transit app to request stop-to-stop service. Buses serve stops in downtown and northern Saskatchewan daily from 6:30am to 1:30pm. This service zone includes the University of Saskatchewan and Preston Crossing. Requests can be made for immediate pickups or scheduled up to two weeks in advance in the app. Saskatoon Transit charges the standard fare of $3 CAD per trip for the service.

Pilot / POC+2

Saskatoon, SK

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