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Governments are increasingly looking at micro-mobility solutions as an environmentally friendly solution to ‘last mile’ problem, congestion, parking issues and public health. With BYKKO station-based system, the e-bike is charged while is docked, without any intervention from the operator or the user. Not only does this optimize the rebalancing process that otherwise could offset the benefits of shared mobility (it’s less than ideal to have vans driving around city to collect e-scooters and e-bikes scattered all over the city) but it also increases the life expectancy of the assets as well as of batteries through a reliable battery management system at the charging station. BYKKO e-bikes are securely fixed to an immovable structure which reduces fleet misuse so the life span of the e-bikes is considerably longer than other models. BYKKO deployed the 3rd generation electric bike at the end of 2021, the first of its kind in bike-sharing, fully automated meaning that all the bike’s functions turn on when the bike is unlocked without any intervention from the user. Real-time monitoring is possible due to safety sensors embedded throughout the bike to report problems such as dead batteries, broken cable locks, or faulty brakes to the servicing team. BYKKO complex platform comprises of fleet management system, white-label user web progressive app, payment gateway, customised email marketing campaign, cloud API and IoT connectivity with the equipment hardware. Our platform gathers data from e-bikes and charging stations through a combination of technologies, including IoT, GPS, ECU and automatics systems. The technology simplifies the operations and helps to develop a bespoke e-bike share network building a durable financial model that requires minimal operational and labour support. BYKKO expertise covers far more than just technology or operations. We are experts in bike sharing and cycling urbanism, thought leaders in the sustainable mobility space. We are leading the way towards new modes of planning for bicycle urbanism and smart mobility using data analysis, global comparison and proprietary mapping methods.

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Founded in 2016

BYKKO Electric Bike Share is a sustainable mobility provider, and our solutions are designed to contribute positively to the communities we operate in.

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