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Online, live real estate auctions for municipalities and sherif's departments to make property ownership affordable and accessible.

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GovPilot's online Real Estate Auction Services are available at no cost to local governments. GovPilot provides end-to-end capabilities to list, advertise, and host online property auctions, including the collection of digital payments. In the immediate term, the sale of vacant properties through an online auction creates instant income for the local government and eliminates the cost of maintenance. In the long-term, the revitalization of neighborhoods serves to increase property values city-wide and generates revenue in the form of ongoing property and sales tax. GovPilot's online property auction software makes property ownership accessible for residents, and economic development straightforward for local governments. - Display images of all properties - View properties on GIS map via GovPilot's Property Profile - Display Automated Valuation Models (AVM) for each property - Display individual property assessment values and market values based on recent sales within a given radius - Online credit card payment for auction registration - Media and marketing support from GovPilot to drive registrations and make your auction a success - Capable of supporting Tax Lien and Sheriff's auctions


City of Trenton, NJ Partners with GovPilot - Nets $4.15 million on Auctioned Properties

Trenton, NJ partnered with GovPilot to host an online real estate auction to revitalize neighborhoods and raising $4.15 million for the city budget

City of Trenton, NJ Partners with GovPilot - Nets $4.15 million on Auctioned Properties

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Case Study: Trenton, NJ Nets $4.15 million in Online Real Estate Auction

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