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Pre-Arrest Diversion Software

Lex Loci Labs’ Pre-Arrest Diversion Case Management Platform was built by district attorneys for forward-thinking communities

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Save Tax Dollars with a Scalable Solution: Your budget doesn’t need to expand as program participation grows. With customizable forms and notifications, Lex Loci’s software makes pre-arrest diversion programs easy to manage. Effective Interagency Oversight: Share and build reports in collaboration with the district attorney’s office and law enforcement. Customized Diversion Plans: Easily build a customized diversion plan that connects an enrollee to the housing, addiction, mental health and employment services that they need. Analytics to Support Your Program: Track reductions in recidivism and diversion program completion to support your program. Measure and analyze the performance of individuals and demographic cohorts through easy-to-build reports.

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Lex Loci Labs

Founded in 2017

Lex Loci Labs builds software that empowers criminal justice stakeholders to be more efficient, transparent, and just.

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