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All-in-one Urban Data Analytics Platform for climate action planning and city risks prevention, powered by Satellite Imagery and AI

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Data is at the heart of the climate action plan ▪ Where to find the data? ▪ How to elaborate them? ▪ How to keep them up to date? ▪ How to simulate the future effect of actions? Urban Data Analytics Platform, based on satellite imagery, artificial intelligence and geospatial analysis, to make simple and effective climate action plans and deliver better quality of life. ALL THE DATA YOU NEED TO CREATE POSITIVE SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE with the first Fully automated data analytics solution helping organizations transform their environmental & social goals into action. In our platform you can find THE UNIVERSAL BUILDING BLOCKS OF SUCCESSFUL CLIMATE TRANSITIONS From manageable, discrete elements to an interoperable system. A virtual and intuitive overview of the different components of a risk free transition. It is a city/place's digital twin, an environment where you can simulate "what-if" scenarios and manage your transition pathway. A single solution to manage: Urban Greenery, Land Use/Coverage, Urban Heat Islands and Cooling capacity of the city, Quality of the Air, Hydrogeological risks (ground motion, landslide and runoff)


  • Latitudo 40 selected by UPLINK - WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM as one of the 15 innovation to preserve biodiversity in cities

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Latitudo 40

Founded in 2017

Empowering cities to embrace sustainability and take ESG decisions.

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