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Boston, MA adds urban tree data to open data hub


As part of its ongoing efforts to enhance public access to urban tree data, the city’s Parks and Recreation Department and Urban Forestry Division will now give the public access to data collected from the street tree inventory conducted in 2021 and data from ongoing efforts to inventory trees in parks on Analyze Boston. This integration into Analyze Boston consolidates valuable urban forestry information alongside other city datasets for research or analytic purposes.


Boston, MA

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Boston, MA

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United States



Boston Adds Tree Data to City’s Open Data Hub – MeriTalk State & Local


Boston's Urban Tree Data Now Available Through Analyze Boston |

Building upon the completion of the street tree inventory in 2021 and the ongoing efforts to inventory trees in parks, both datasets (street and park trees) are now accessible and downloadable through Analyze Boston, the City of Boston’s Open Data Hub.

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