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Colac Otway, VIC builds toward its carbon-neutral goals with Community Library solar installation

Colac Otway, VIC Community Library Solar Installation


A 30kW rooftop solar installation generates 40 megawatt-hours per year for the library and learning center. This system reduces the facility's annual energy costs by $10,000 AUD and reduces emissions by 46 tons per year. Colac Otway also added LED lights that further reduce annual costs and emissions by $2,770 AUD and 12.5 tons, respectively. Interested parties can use the council's Solar Initiative website to track daily solar output at four installations.

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Colac Otway, VIC

Shire in Victoria



Council's Solar Initiative - Colac Otway Shire

Council has installed solar panels on its buildings to make operations more efficient and environmentally friendly. You can monitor the energy being generated by the different systems here.



Colac Otway focus on sustainability - Colac Otway Shire

A 30kW solar PV system has been installed on the Colac Community Library and Learning Centre by Colac Otway Shire Council in collaboration with the Department of Education, and using local installers Walsh Electrical.

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Colac Otway, VIC partners with local companies on Renewable Organics Network green power project

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