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San Diego, CA partners with Shell New Energies on microgrids for municipal buildings

San Diego, CA Shell New Energies Building Microgrids


Solar-powered microgrids will be installed at eight facilities including fire stations, police stations, and recreation centers. The microgrids store energy in on-site batteries and power buildings during peak hours for the utility grid. Each microgrid site acts as an emergency shelter for the surrounding neighborhood during blackouts and natural disasters. City officials pursued this project as part of its 100% renewable energy goal for municipal buildings by 2035.


San Diego, CA

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Microgrids | Sustainability and Mobility | City of San Diego Official Website

In 2023, the City is breaking ground on the installation of microgrids at eight municipal facilities. These microgrids - standalone power grids that allow a facility or set of connected facilities to “island” or isolate from the grid and continue to operate during grid outages, relying on power stored onsite - will help the City reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas

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