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West Lothian Council, GB monitors environmental issues in council homes with smart sensor pilot

West Lothian Council, GB Council Home Environmental Sensor

In Progress

Local officials installed climate sensors in 100 council homes for the pilot. The sensors gather real-time data on temperature, humidity, and other environmental metrics. Participating tenants receive text messages when sensors detect the early signs of dampness and condensation. This system ensures quick repairs necessary to prevent long-term health problems. West Lothian Council will use pilot data when budgeting council home upgrades in the future.


West Lothian Council, GB

Unitary authority in Scotland

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Tackling dampness and ventilation issues - West Lothian News

Steps are being taken to address dampness and ventilation issues in West Lothian Council homes.


Group 28

Sensor monitoring of 100 council homes has been developed in wake of the death of a two year old boy from respiratory problems in Greater Manchester. Staff will compile a database and report to councillors on a regular basis.

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