Jersey City is solving the 911 problem ๐Ÿš‘

The city is leveraging community volunteers and United Rescue's GPS-enabled 911 responder app to cut down emergency response times.

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Jersey City has the solution to New York's EMT crisis
We have one of the most densely populated cities in the country with similar challenges to NYC โ€” high-rises, traffic congestion and mass transit. What we did in Jersey City can be done in New York.
New York Post
In Jersey City, United Rescue Serves as a Model for Urban Emergency Responses.
In Jersey City, a pre-ambulance group serves as a model for urban emergency responses.
City Journal
Faster Medical Attention With App - WSJ
In Jersey City, the nonprofit United Rescue is investing nearly $2 million to train and equip volunteers to be dispatched to medical emergencies through a smartphone app.
  • United Rescue partners with city governments to deploy its GPS enabled service that alert nearby volunteers of medical 911 calls
  • The program is administered by the local emergency authorities in each city
  • Fully trained and equipped volunteers are able to reach the scene in less than half the time it takes dispatched ambulance to arrive
  • Jersey City was the first U.S. city to deploy United Rescue
  • Cost of United Rescue to participating cities is $0
Project Summary
Jersey City has done something quite remarkable by leveraging community volunteers to help improve EMS response in their city through deployment of United Rescue.
Using GPS technology, trained United Rescue volunteers are alerted of medical 911 calls in their proximity through an app which sends alerts 24/7. Volunteers run/drive/bike/scooter to the scene to provide initial triage and medical treatment in less than three minutes. This is incredible considering the 9+ minute average ambulance response across major US cities.
This effort to drive EMS innovation was pioneered in Israel through United Hatzalah. Jersey City has followed suit as the first US City to deploy United Rescue and empower community members to help improve medical response and disaster preparedness in their city.
United Rescue partners with city governments and community leaders to source funding by local philanthropists, foundations, corporations, and national supporters, to ensure a zero cost of United Rescue to participating cities. Through these partnerships, United Rescue provides the technology to deploy its GPS enabled service and supports volunteer recruitment and training efforts. The program is administered by local emergency departments in each city.
Englewood, NJ is now participating in United Rescue as well. We hope to see other cities take the steps needed to foster better community involvement to improve EMS services - and save lives.
A shortage of EMTs and FFDNY paramedics has resulted in average response times over 7 minuntes in NYC compared to sub-3 minute response times in neighboring Jersey City. Mayor of Jersey City, Steven Fulop, has recently shared his cityโ€™s success with United Rescue and urges other cities like NYC take advantage of this revolutionary technology.
Those interested in volunteering can do so here.

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