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Kolkata, West Bengal adds WhatsApp chatbots for vaccination appointments and vital record requests

Public health officials introduced a WhatsApp chatbot for COVID-19 vaccination appointments to leverage the messaging app's popularity. Residents message +91 8335999000 and their first vaccination date to schedule follow-up appointments. This chatbot was successful enough to expand its reach from three vaccination centers to 100 centers. Kolkata later added a WhatsApp chatbot for birth and death certificate requests accessible by messaging +91 83359999111.

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Kolkata, West Bengal

IN flag


Merritt, BC balances employee retention and public service quality with 4-Day Work Week Trial

The one-year pilot creates three-day weekends as an incentive for current employees and a recruiting asset in an applicant-friendly job market. City Hall will be open 8:00 am to 5:45 pm Tuesday through Friday rather than the previous schedule of 8:30 am to 4:30 am Monday through Friday. Employees receive Mondays off during the trial, while residents can access public services before or after work. Surveys halfway through the pilot will evaluate impacts on customer and employee satisfaction.

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Merritt, BC

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Telford and Wrekin Council add three new services, thanks to TOM, their AI Assistant

'Ask TOM' has increased by 39% over the last 12 months, meaning more users shift towards self-service. Improvements to the live chat channel (over 60% drop in chats with agents and in waiting times) mean the AI is successfully deflecting contact. With pressure taken off staff, long-term sickness has fallen 74% and short-term sickness by 16%. With released capacity, Telford and Wrekin have been able to add 3 new services with no additional headcount: homelessness, registration, libraries.

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Telford & Wrekin Council, GB

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United Kingdom

Lorain, OH is launching the SeeClickFix 311 citizen response system to solve local problems

The city of Lorain is launching the SeeClickFix program that will allow residents to report problems like potholes, a neighboring home that's fallen into severe disrepair or a business that stores junked automobiles on its property. The Lorain City Council approved spending $35,000 on the 311 citizen response system which can be access via a downloaded mobile app and web portal. Any information submitted into the system will be sent to the city it is logged and assigned to a city worker,

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Lorain, OH

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United States

Crittenden County, AR is creating a website where users can enter their zip code and find services

Crittenden County is creating "Connect Crittenden" a one-stop shop for its residents to find services, ranging from government to nonprofits to local churches. The web-based project will allow users who live in the county to simply enter their ZIP code on the homepage and then access a list of local services including financial assistance, food pantries, medical care, etc.

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Crittenden County, AR

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United States

New York, NY is opening air-conditioned cooling centers for residents amid heat advisory

The city of New York is opening air-conditioned cooling centers at New York City Housing Authority facilities, senior centers, community centers and public libraries amid the city's heat advisory. The city's website has information on where the cooling centers are located.

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New York, NY

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United States

Ashtabula County, OH is partnering with Cott Systems to implement an electronic records system

The Ashtabula County Recorder's Office is partnering with Cott Systems to implement a new electronic records system which allows residents to submit documents to be recorded digitally. The technology eliminates the need for people submitting documents to go to the Recorder's Office in Jefferson to submit documents.

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Ashtabula County, OH

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United States

San Diego, CA launched a new website dedicated to homelessness-related resources and information

The city of San Diego's Communications Department and Department of Information Technology Web Team partnered with the Homelessness Strategies and Solutions Department to launch a website for homelessness-related resources. The website gives the public insight into how the city collaborates with partners to create facilities, programs and services to help people end their homelessness. The website also contains information on shelters and contact information for the Mobile Crisis Response Team.

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San Diego, CA

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United States

Grenoble, ARA is launching a short-term rental service for e-scooters and cargo bikes

The city of Grenoble is launching a micro-mobility, short-term rental service offering residents access to electric scooters and electrically assisted cargo bicycles. Reduced speed zones will be set up in pedestrian areas and arounds schools with maximum speed of vehicles of 25 km/h for cargo bikes and 20 km/h for scooters. For people with reduced mobility, it will be possible to rent a fixing system allowing them to motorize their manual wheelchair thanks to the scooter.

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Grenoble, ARA

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Linz, OOE offers free cargo bike rentals at the library to help residents transport heavy loads

The city of Linz is allowing residents to borrow cargo bikes for free in order to transport heavy loads. The city created this option to offer residents an environmentally-friendly alternative to cars. The city's cargo bikes can be borrowed by anyone of legal age who is a customer of the city library. Reservations can be made online and cargo bikes can be borrowed for up to a week at a time.

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Linz, OOE

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Salzburg (Stadt), SBG allows residents to borrow cargo bikes for free

The city of Salzburg is allowing residents to borrow cargo bikes for free from municipal resident service points. The cargo bikes can be borrowed by anyone for free, for up to two hours a day, by completing a mobile app registration and entering the corresponding key code. The city created this free cargo bike rental option to incentivize local car-free transportation.

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Salzburg (Stadt), SBG

AT flag


Örebro, SE launched a digital equipment free lending pilot program to bridge the digital divide

The Municipality of Örebro launched a digital equipment lending pilot program at the public library and train station. The pilot program was designed to help residents in socio-economically vulnerable areas access digital equipment. Residents can borrow digital equipment such as computers and tablets for free for social issues, projects, and educational purposes. The borrower must be 18 years of age or older to borrow the equipment for a limited period of time.

Citizen Services+3

Örebro, SE

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