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Emergency Preparedness


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Cassowary Coast, QLD develops neighborhood clean-up campaigns through Meet Your Street initiative

Meet Your Street asked groups of four or more neighbors to hold clean-up events on their streets. Each group submitted at least three photos from the clean-up and an application to enter a drawing. Cassowary Coast selected six groups to each receive $200 AUD barbecue packs for small-scale events in their neighborhoods. This initiative turned streets into cohesive social units while encouraging maintenance ahead of summer storms.

Emergency Preparedness+1

Cassowary Coast, QLD


Enfield Council, GB pilots a smart drainage scheme using sensors to identify overflowing gullies

Enfield Council is piloting a smart drainage scheme which uses sensors and 4G communications to identify overflowing gullies. The Council installed smart sensors to monitor drains and provide instant warnings of sharp rises in water levels. The system's online portal shows the water depth under the gulley, indicates blockages, and measures grid temperature. Automatic alerts when the water level in a gulley exceeds the outflow pipe helps the Council react before there is any property damage.

Emergency Preparedness+2

Enfield Council, GB

United Kingdom

Colwood, BC created a free online Fireworks Safety Course for residents seeking a permit

The City of Colwood created a free online Fireworks Safety Course for residents 18 years of age or older. The course is required for any residents seeking a permit to sell, possess, or discharge fireworks in the community. The local fire department is automatically notified of the results whenever a user completes the safety course. The certificate of completion for the Fireworks Safety Course is valid for three years.

Emergency Preparedness+4

Colwood, BC


Sunshine Coast, QLD facilitates StandbyU Shield pilot to reduce domestic violence incidents

The council worked with StandbyU Foundation and Youturn Youth Support to select participants based on Youturn referrals. The StandbyU Shield is a smart device activated when the user feels threatened with violence. Each device is programmed with the user's family, friends, and close contacts who are alerted upon activation. Pilot participants and their contacts develop plans of action for the StandbyU Shield's use.

Emergency Preparedness+3

Sunshine Coast, QLD


Barrow-in-Furness Borough Council, GB enhances public safety with Safer Streets program

The borough recruits volunteers to conduct free safety audits for their neighbors. Recommended measures like new locks and light upgrades are funded by the council. Safer Streets volunteers also refer fellow residents to local police, support groups, and other resources depending on their concerns. Barrow-in-Furness Borough Council invested in improved street lighting to supplement home security improvements.

Emergency Preparedness+2

Barrow-in-Furness Borough Council, GB

United Kingdom

Ku-ring-gai, NSW places residents within 3D simulations of bushfires during Simtable workshops

The council held workshops over a six-month period as part of its involvement in Climate Wise Communities. The focal point of each session was a 3D map of the region with accurate vegetation and fuel sources. Workshop leaders invited participants to place flags near their homes before showing the impacts of potential bushfires. Ku-ring-gai followed simulations with resources for protecting properties and developing emergency plans.

Emergency Preparedness+2

Ku-ring-gai, NSW


Owen Sound, ON hosted a family-friendly fire safety workshop event to help with fire escape planning

The City of Owen Sound's Fire and Emergency Services partnered with RONA Fulfords to host a fun and educational, family-friendly, fire safety workshop. The workshop was designed to encourage residents to check that their smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working correctly and help families with their fire escape planning. The workshop included information sessions, giveaways, and a chance for families to meet local firefighters.

Emergency Preparedness+4

Owen Sound, ON


Ipswich, QLD combines animated videos with historical flood data in Be Flood Ready campaign

The centerpiece of Be Flood Ready is the "Don't Be a Dinesh" animated video series about flood threat recognition. A dedicated website explains how Ipswich's location has threatened the city with floods throughout its history. This website connects users to the Picture Ipswich archive of photos from a century of local floods. Residents navigate to the interactive flood map if they want to find threat levels for their properties.

Emergency Preparedness+3

Ipswich, QLD


San Bernardino County, CA train former inmates to help fire department as part of Endeavor Hand Crew

The county's Fire Department will prepare up to 20 newly released inmates over five weeks of training. Endeavor Hand Crew applicants have experience with inmate crews and arrive recommended by county probation and sheriff's offices. The six-month pilot deploys team members for fire recovery efforts and fuel reduction tasks in support of full-time firefighters. San Bernardino County developed the pilot to prepare inmates with records of good behavior for future careers.

Emergency Preparedness+2

San Bernardino County, CA

United States

Redland, QLD leverages local knowledge to inform disaster responses with Community Champions program

The council works with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services to train volunteers over a two-day program. This curriculum includes medical and mental health first aid, disaster response, and emergency communications. Participants also register with Red Cross Australia and Volunteering Queensland for ongoing training. Community Champions use this training for community preparation, response, and recovery to natural disasters.

Emergency Preparedness+4

Redland, QLD


Denmark, WA improves compliance with bushfire prevention strategy with Book a Ranger service

Denmark residents reserved time with local rangers for free during the month of October. A ranger evaluated a participant's property through the lens of the Firebreak & Fuel Management Notice. This review determined if the lot was accessible by a fire truck, featured a low-fuel perimeter, and appeared defendable from spreading fire. Rangers helped property owners achieve compliance and stay mindful of fire threats ahead of the bushfire season.

Emergency Preparedness+2

Denmark, WA


Bruce Rock, WA establishes temporary supermarket at Shire Hall after lone market lost in fire

Shire officials worked with regional businesses to stock and store food items at the council building. The Bruce Rock Supermarket employs former staff at the Masons Shopping Centre to handle shipments and customer orders. Local residents request food and supplies for pickup by phone, email, or paper form. Bruce Rock created the temporary market within one week of the shop's destruction to eliminate the 100-kilometer trip to the nearest grocery store.

Emergency Preparedness+5

Bruce Rock, WA


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