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Queenstown-Lakes District Council, NZ trials environmental sensors in recreational reserves

Queenstown-Lakes District Council, NZ Sensors Recreational

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The Ben Lomond and Mount Iron reserves each received five Attentis pole-mounted sensors. The sensors gather around-the-clock measurements of pollen, air quality, soil moisture, and structural movement. Reserve patrons can plan their trips by checking data on a mobile app. Thermal images are sent via the Spark NZ network to emergency personnel for early detection of wildfires. Council officials will evaluate the technology's effectiveness during a summer pilot.


Queenstown-Lakes District Council, NZ

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Tech trial to monitor environmental conditions and wildfire risk

Cutting-edge technology is being trialled to monitor conditions within two of our district’s recreation reserves.


Tech alert for wildfire risk to be trailed in Queenstown Lakes | Crux - Local News - Queenstown, Wanaka and Cromwell.

Cutting-edge technology is being trialled to monitor conditions within two of Queenstown Lakes District's recreation reserves - Ben Lomond in Queenstown and Mount Iron in Wānaka.

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