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Bracknell Forest Council, GB recruits local schools for Eco Rewards sustainable travel pilot

Participating schools encourage their students to walk, cycle, and take shared transport as part of the program. Each student records their trip via online form or swiping their smart tag at an Eco Rewards station. Recorded trips can be used as entries into prize drawings or pooled for school competitions. Council leaders and school administrators are tracking Eco Rewards check-ins to determine the pilot's impact on carbon emissions from transportation.

Pilot / POC+3

Bracknell Forest Council, GB

United Kingdom

Tacoma, WA improves the health of homeless residents with Hygiene Station Pilot

Public health officials worked with a private lot owner on a one-month station pilot at South 8th and Yakima Street. Two additional locations will be operated by the city for an additional three months. Each station includes portable toilets, dumpsters, and mobile sinks for handwashing. On-site evaluations during daytime hours identify homeless residents in need of additional services. The pilot addresses health threats to the unhoused including the spread of COVID-19.

Pilot / POC+3

Tacoma, WA

United States

Sønderborg, DK tests an AI-enabled system for assistive technology requests

Municipal officials received a 3.2 million Danish krone grant to fund a pilot of application reviews by artificial intelligence. Sønderborg handles 5,000 requests per year for equipment addressing conditions including diabetes and dementia. The pilot tests how well AI technology reviews medical documentation and prioritizes cases based on condition. The selected platform will give proper weight to the unique nature of each request without additional staff time.

Pilot / POC+3

Sønderborg, DK


Manaus, AM tracks municipal employee health during COVID-19 with Info Saúde mobile app

Employees at the Municipal Secretariat for Labor, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Semtepi) tested Info Saúde during a one-month pilot. Info Saúde presents a 15-question assessment designed by medical experts to app users. Semtepi employees received customized recommendations based on their responses while supervisors tracked employee wellbeing through weekly reports. The initial pilot allowed Manaus and the Sidia Institute to refine the app for use by all city employees.

Pilot / POC+4

Manaus, AM


The Hills Shire, NSW conducts first-in-Australia apartment complex worm farm pilot

Twenty apartments in North Kellyville dispose of their food waste in an underground worm farm. The castings produced by the farm condition soil in a shared garden along with individual gardens. A volunteer building champion organizes fellow participants and educates their neighbors. Shire officials approved the three-month pilot in response to a recent shift from homeownership to renting. This trial fits into council waste initiatives including discounted composting bins.

Pilot / POC+2

The Hills Shire, NSW


Essex County Council, GB partnered with Spin to launch electric scooter trials in six local boroughs

Essex County Council partnered with Spin to launch electric scooter trials in six local boroughs as part of the Safer Greener Healthier campaign. The trials are designed to provide a socially-distanced and safe travel alterative to reduce the number of short car journeys.

Pilot / POC+4

Essex County Council, GB

United Kingdom

Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, GB body camera trial for parking enforcement officers

Kingston Council launched a four-week trial in which parking enforcement officers are equipped with body worn video cameras. The body cameras are designed to assist with crime prevention, record incidents of abuse suffered by officers, and provide evidence of each officer's conduct. The data is encrypted on the devices, transferred to a dedicated secure storage facility, and is deleted after 90 days unless it is required for an investigation.

Pilot / POC+4

Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, GB

United Kingdom

Placer County, CA approves on-demand rideshare pilot for Kings Beach and Tahoe City

County-run Tahoe Truckee Area Regional Transit (TART) will work with Squaw Downtowner to operate the free service. Eight shuttles will be accessible by mobile app or phone call for pickups and drop-offs in the pilot zones. TART encourages commuters to connect their shuttle rides to regional bus stops. The pilot expands the county's public transit options and reduces traffic congestion during the summer travel season.

Pilot / POC+2

Placer County, CA

United States

Ipswich, QLD connects defense firms with small businesses through Operation Scale-Up 2021

The council will select 24 small and mid-sized business applicants for the three-month pilot. Participating entrepreneurs consult with mentors from defense industry firms like Airbus Australia and Raytheon Australia. These relationships yield action plans for local businesses to scale operations in support of Ipswich's defense industry. Council leaders are evaluating the economic impacts of the pilot for potential expansion into other industries.

Pilot / POC+3

Ipswich, QLD


Newark, NJ recruits homeless residents averse to existing shelters for Hope Village pilot

A community of seven converted shipping containers holds up to 24 residents during the three-month pilot. Outreach teams survey unhoused residents to identify those who aren't typically served by shelters. Newark Hope Village features private rooms and bathrooms along with a multipurpose area. On-site social service teams evaluate short-term health needs while identifying paths to permanent housing starting with vouchers from the Newark Housing Authority.

Pilot / POC+3

Newark, NJ

United States

Hertfordshire County Council, GB lifts homeless resident prospects with supportive housing pilot

A four-bedroom property from B3 Living will house homeless residents in need of comprehensive services. County officials contracted Emerging Futures to provide around-the-clock services for four residents at a time. The support staff will create customized care plans for residents with mental health and addiction issues that work toward independent living. Broxbourne was selected for this one-year pilot due to a gap in social services for unhoused people.

Pilot / POC+2

Hertfordshire County Council, GB

United Kingdom


Broxbourne Borough Council, GB

United Kingdom

Baltimore, MD responds to capacity-related sewage backups with Sewage Onsite Support Cleanup Pilot

The one-year pilot responds to property-damaging backups caused by overwhelmed sewer capacity. Impacted households call 311 when backups occur after storms. A public works inspector evaluates each case for approval of third-party cleaning and disposal at no cost to the resident. Households that wish to use their own contractors can apply for up to $5,000 per incident under the Expedited Reimbursement Program.

Pilot / POC+2

Baltimore, MD

United States

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