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Wollongong, NSW works toward its long-term emissions goals with a pilot of kerbside EV chargers

Wollongong, NSW Kerbside EV Charger Pilot Emission Goals

In Progress

Wollongong's Climate Change Mitigation Plan 2023-2030 calls for net-zero emissions by 2050. A one-year pilot with Endeavour Energy and EVX Australia tests the impacts of kerbside vehicle charging on carbon emissions. Five locations throughout the council were selected based on grid and local attraction proximity. Each location features a pole-mounted charger and two dedicated parking spots. EV owners can recharge their batteries for AU$0.50 per kilowatt hour.


Wollongong, NSW

City in New South Wales

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Kerbside EV chargers | Wollongong City Council

Climate Change Mitigation Plan 2023 - 2030 | Our Wollongong

Wollongong’s Climate Change Mitigation Plan maps the pathway of how together we can transition to a low carbon community and achieve our Net Zero emissions target.  Climate change mitigation is a dynamic space with rapidly evolving technology, and so our approach

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