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Public Private Partnership (PPP)


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Lansing, MI proposes a multi-media partnership to improve education for students following COVID

The City of Lansing is proposing an innovative partnership with the Lansing School District, WKAR Public Media, and the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) to reverse the learning loss students face due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The proposal involves creating an online education platform, in-person opportunities, and other resources targeting the pre-kindergarten through third-grade population. The proposal earned Lansing a spot as a finalist in the 2021 Global Mayors Challenge.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+2

Lansing, MI

United States

Akron, OH launches the Targeted Help for Resilient Innovative Entrepreneurs (THRIVE) program

The City of Akron is launching the Targeted Help for Resilient Innovative Entrepreneurs (THRIVE) program to grow local Black-owned businesses. The THRIVE program will use a unique "medical rounds" approach that pairs entrepreneurs with a THRIVE Entrepreneurship Pathway Advisor (TEPA) to guide them through a suite of financial support and expert resources. The city hopes that the THRIVE program will create 200 new Black-owned businesses by 2030.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+4

Akron, OH

United States

Baltimore, MD launched the Black-Owned and Operated Storefront Tenancy (BOOST) Program

The City of Baltimore launched the Black-Owned and Operated Storefront Tenancy (BOOST) Program to support the long-term success of creative, Black-owned businesses in Downtown Baltimore storefronts. The BOOST program pairs creative Black-owned businesses with vacant storefronts, and connects them with technical and marketing expertise. The BOOST program offers up to $50,000 in grants to help select businesses expand to brick-and-mortar locations.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+4

Baltimore, MD

United States

Placer County, CA is using machine learning to ensure compliance with short-term rental taxes

Placer County is using Deckard Technologies' cloud-based platform Rentalscape, hosted by Amazon Web services, to identify, track and report short-term rental registrations, bookings and transient occupancy (TO) tax payments. The platform uses machine learning to mine public data sources of short-term rentals for inconsistencies. The Rentalscape platform helps the county ensure that operators of short-term rentals comply with the TO tax that supports local government services.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+4

Placer County, CA

United States

Montgomery County, MD is transitioning to an entirely electric school bus fleet with a subscription

The Montgomery County Public Schools district is transitioning to an entirely electric school bus fleet. The district partnered with Highland Electric Transportation an electric school bus fleet subscription service to provide an electric fleet at the same cost the district pays to purchase and operate its fleet of diesel buses. The county will receive its first 25 buses this year, then 61 next year, and 120 each year after that until all 1,400 school buses are replaced.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+3

Montgomery County, MD

United States

Mission Viejo, CA partnered with Yubico to enhance security for its digital services

The City of Mission Viejo partnered with Yubico to enhance security for its digital services. The city previously relied on complex password requirements for authentication but decided to adopt a hardware security key-based multi-factor authentication solution to strengthen its security. By using Yubico's YubiKeys solution the city is able to maintain high security standards at a lower cost without requiring government employees to frequently change their passwords.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+3

Mission Viejo, CA

United States

Sacramento, CA partnered with Yubico to build a more secure remote work infrastructure

The City of Sacramento partnered with Yubico to build a more secure remote work infrastructure. Previously, the city relied only on PortalGuard for its Single Sign-On functionality and multi-factor authentication capabilities. However, the city was only able to deploy mobile-based voice and text one-time passwords to employees with government-issued mobile devices. The city now also uses Yubico's hardware security key YubiKeys to minimize reliance on mobile-based authentication.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+3

Sacramento, CA

United States

Essex County Council, GB is partnering with Telensa to upgrade smart controls on 82,000 streetlights

Essex County Council is partnering with Telensa to replace and upgrade the smart controls on 82,000 residential streetlights. This newest generation of Telensa's streetlight product supports advanced smart lighting features such as adaptive dimming based on traffic flows, automatic location of assets, open software interfaces for seamless integration with other smart city systems. The Council expects to save an average of 60% in terms of energy usage and thousands of tons of carbon emissions.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+4

Essex County Council, GB

United Kingdom

Allendale County, SC launched free public Wi-Fi network using donated equipment and CARES Act funds

Allendale County launched a free public Wi-Fi network pilot using equipment donated by private companies. The county installed network hubs at Allendale Elementary School, the University of South Carolina Salkehatchie campus and a local library. Each location is equipped with high-speed Linksys outdoor access points. Funding for these free public Wi-Fi hubs was paid for by the CARES Act through December 2021.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+5

Allendale County, SC

United States

Manchester City Council, GB turns major projects into learning opportunities with PlanBEE initiative

PlanBEE is a two-year apprenticeship program that uses major projects like the Town Hall renovation for skilled workforce development. City residents aged 18 and older who are interested in construction careers are eligible for the program. Manchester City Council, Manchester Life, and Ryder Architecture facilitate apprentice rotations across multiple projects. Apprentices split time between paid on-site work and lessons in architecture, engineering, and project management.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+2

Manchester City Council, GB

United Kingdom

Philadelphia, PA Parks & Recreation Department partners with Nerd Street Games to offer esports

The City of Philadelphia's Parks and Recreation Department is partnering with Nerd Street Games to offer esports programming. The partnership will consist of three phases: first is hosting a series of esports tournaments, second is offering an esports camp for kids ages 6 to 12, and third is offering after-school esports programming. The city is working on a budget to secure expensive gaming consoles and high-end gaming PCs for the tournaments.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+3

Philadelphia, PA

United States

Chemnitz, SL partnered with Staffbase to launch the SVC2go city employee communication mobile app

The City of Chemnitz partnered with Staffbase to launch the SVC2go city employee communication mobile app. The SVC2go app allows users to access city news, ask questions, communicate directly with other city employees, and share pictures. The app was designed to provide city employees with all the relevant information they need for day-to-day work and give them an opportunity to directly exchange ideas with their employer.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+3

Chemnitz, SL


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