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Public Private Partnership (PPP)


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Aurora, IL is building a new comprehensive cybersecurity plan with Data Defenders LLC

The City of Aurora is building a new cybersecurity plan that could become a model for municipalities across the country. The Aurora City Council is doubling its contract with Data Defenders LLC, a Chicago-based computer security firm, to $3.2 million in order to implement continuous surveillance of the city's Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition infrastructure. The comprehensive plan would guarantee the city spends less time and money fixing its systems in the event of a cyberattack.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+3

Aurora, IL

United States

Salem, MA partnered with SiFi Networks to create a citywide fiber optic network

The City of Salem has partnered with SiFi Networks to create the infrastructure for a citywide fiber optic network. The Salem City Council signed a 30-year contract with SiFi Networks which allows them to charge service providers for using the network. In exchange, SiFi Networks is covering the estimated $35 million in setup costs. The arrangement will provide much needed competition with Comcast as it is currently the only reliable high-speed Internet option available in the city.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+3

Salem, MA

United States

Rotterdam, ZH partnered with Bentley System to create a digital twin and improve urban planning

The city of Rotterdam partnered with Bentley Systems to create a digital twin using existing city maps, 3D data from LiDAR, blueprints, and real-time sensors. The city is combining the predictive power of big data analysis and artificial intelligence to improve its urban planning process. The digital twin allows the city to use a new range of applications such as energy consumption analysis and asset management of subsurface infrastructure to optimize mobility, healthcare systems, etc.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+5

Rotterdam, ZH


Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council, GB encourages residents to access the Here2Help mobile app

Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council partnered with East Antrim Counselling to develop the Here2Help mobile app. The Here2Help app provides users with instant support through helplines and a wide range of links to reading materials. The Council is encouraging residents to use the app to access important services, tools, and advice to support their wellbeing.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+4

Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council, GB

United Kingdom

Jundiaí, SP partnered with Clarity to establish a new real-time air quality monitoring program

Jundiaí City Hall has partnered with Clarity to establish a new air quality monitoring program. The program is being funded through a donation from NB Capital Investimentos and Consultoria LTDA. The program involves installing two Clarity Node-S air sensors at strategic locations in the city to make air pollution measurement more accessible, reliable, and affordable. The sensors use IoT technology to store real-time measurements of particulate materials and nitrogen dioxide in the cloud.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+3

Jundiaí, SP


Portland, OR ended its digital twin pilot with Replica over a dispute involving data privacy

The City of Portland partnered with Replica to launch a one-year pilot to develop a digital twin. The pilot involved using de-identified movement data to better understand where transit riders are traveling and which bike paths are perceived as safe. Replica was going to use 5% of the population's mobile devices to create a simulated model of travel including demographics and the reason for the trip. The goal was to provide actionable insights into mobility, economic activity, land-use, etc.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+4

Portland, OR

United States

Groningen, GR is creating a digital 3D city model to improve future spatial projects

The municipality of Groningen's City Engineers, City Design, and Geo & Data departments are collaborating on the development of a digital 3D model of the city. The city is working with 3D specialists Future Insight and Avineon to create a state-of-the-art digital twin to ensure that spatial projects can be carried out faster, more cost effectively, and more transparently. The data will be stored in an open 3D CityGML database and the layers will be published into open 3D Tiles services.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+5

Groningen, GR


Orlando, FL offers incentives for commuters to use green transportation via the Miles mobile app

The city of Orlando partnered with ConnectIQ Labs to offer incentives via the Miles mobile app to residents who use green transportation including biking, walking, and transit. The Miles app gamifies transportation by rewarding users with prizes for accumulating miles. The city plans to create custom challenges for commuters to receive city-specific awards. The city hopes that the game will encourage commuters to reduce the usage of single-occupancy cars.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+2

Orlando, FL

United States

Rotterdam, ZH partnered with VIKTOR to prevent a local bridge from overheating with a digital twin

The City of Rotterdam partnered with VIKTOR to solve bridge uptime issues by developing a digital twin. When the metal of the Binnenhavenbrug bridge gets too hot it swells and cannot be opened or closed. The temperature of the bridge must be cooled down with water from the river to resume normal operations. The digital twin measures the bridge with sensors and acts as an early warning system by predicting overheating. The bridge can now be cooled proactively preventing traffic disruptions.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+3

Rotterdam, ZH


Boston, MA partnered with Esri to create a digital twin to analyze shadows cast by new buildings

The Boston Planning & Development Agency used Esri's 3D modeling GIS software to create a digital twin of the city. The accurate 3D model of the city uses tools to analyze shadows and evaluate the impact of new zoning and developments. The digital twin includes quantitative and qualitative analysis workflows. The quantitative assessments provide in-depth measurements of shadows through the seasons. The qualitative analysis provides a quick visual to see shadows cast by any new building.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+4

Boston, MA

United States

Las Vegas, NV becomes the first city to integrate its bike-share and transit systems in a single app

According to the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC), Las Vegas has become the first city in the U.S. to integrate its bike-share and transit payment systems into a single mobile app. Merging these systems allows users to easily plan a multi-modal, purchase a transit pass, and unlock a bike through the Transit app. The merge was conducted as part of a collaboration between the RTC, the bikeshare operator Bicycle Transit Systems, and the bikeshare hardware provider BCycle.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+3

Las Vegas, NV

United States

Upplands Väsby, SE is working with residents to improve the collection of recyclable packaging

The Municipality of Upplands Väsby partnered with the SÖRAB regional waste company to launch the packaging collection project. The project involves testing a new way of collecting packaging made of plastic, paper and metal based on the municipality's waste plan. During the project, 340 participating households will sort recyclable materials in a separate bag for a few months before placing it in the regular container.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)+3

Upplands Väsby, SE


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