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Edmonton, AB presents the personal impacts of zoning policy with Making Space podcast series

Edmonton, AB Making Space Personal Impacts Zoning Policy

In Progress

The five-episode series combines first-hand stories about zoning with expert interviews. The first episode - titled The Million Dollar Parking Lot - explored the pros and cons of parking requirements in local bylaws. Future episodes use case studies about residential and commercial developments as evidence of potential zoning improvements. City officials created Making Space to support the process improvement and equity goals of its Zoning Bylaw Renewal Initiative.


Edmonton, AB

City in Alberta

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Zoning Bylaw Renewal Initiative | City of Edmonton

The Zoning Bylaw Renewal Initiative will develop a strategic, simplified and streamlined Zoning Bylaw to enable people, places and businesses to thrive and prosper.

Making Space Podcast - Transforming Edmonton

A City of Edmonton original podcast A zoning podcast like you’ve never heard because you’ve never listened to a podcast about zoning Yes, zoning. With one z. Not zzzz-oning. Too often, how we talk about zoning gets people to tune out. It’s complex. There’s all kinds of specialized language the experts use. The lawyers and […]

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Edmonton, AB develops GBA+ and Equity Toolkit to address inequities in zoning bylaws

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